Women in Academia: personal & career development

Positively impact your career

Are you a PhD, Postdoc or an Assistant Professor and do you have aspirations to grow in your career? 

Why Women in Academia training?

The ECWO Erasmus Women in Academia (WiA) training addresses the crucial issues which impede career progress. We offer this training because it is important that:

  1. Women remain in academia—thereby reducing the loss of talent as careers develop at Erasmus University;
  2. Women’s academic careers develop more swiftly into (senior) leadership positions; and
  3. Women join to support each other around issues of gender climate and inclusive structures and practices at the University.


You will explore best practices, share insights, learn about the latest research, compare experiences, and discuss your ideas and challenges with each other. Since the training is highly practical, you can put what you have learned into use immediately. Informal lunches and dinner will also provide opportunities to learn from guests from within Erasmus University academia.

What are the learning outcomes?

Key topics of the training are: leadership, effective communicating, addressing micro-inequities, leveraging your networks, and navigating the political playing field.

The outcomes of the training will facilitate you to:

  • explore the value of women in leadership and develop an understanding of your own leadership style and how it aligns with your leadership strategy
  • think critically about your attitudes and beliefs about gender
  • learn how to communicate effectively by exploring new perspectives on communication processes that will enhance your ability to understand and navigate complex interactions
  • develop new perspectives on the meaning, value and importance of social networks both within your personal and organisational context
  • enhance your ability to support others in their aims to achieve individual and organisational goals.

Since the training is highly practical, you can put what they have learned into use immediately. Informal lunches and dinner will also provide opportunities to learn from guests from within Erasmus University academia.

Please note: This programme will only continue with sufficient participants. 

Practical information

Dates:22, 25 and 26 April 2024
Location:Bayle Building, EUR Woudestein
Teachers:The teachers are connected to the Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations
Target audience:The training is for female PhDs, Postdocs and Assistant Professors from EUR who aspire to grow in their career.
ParticipantsMaximum of 24 participants
Costs€500,- (Catering, lunches, and dinner on last day of the training are included)
Financing:Do you want to use your personal career budget? Make sure you submit your application to our colleagues on time. Read more here.

If you want to use your department budget, you can request the budget number from your manager
Registration:Contrary to the previous CDP-programme, there is no selection procedure.
Registration is on first come first serve basis.     
Certificate:At the end of this course you will receive a certificate.

To get the full experience of the programme your attendance is mandatory for all sessions. Please make arrangements beforehand so that you can attend the complete programme.

“This program has been an eye opener and a source of inspiration. It helped me understand better my position and role as a woman in the academic world and it brought insights and ideas on how to navigate it”.

Adriana Breaban, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Economics

"I participated in the Women in Academia Program in 2019. The program was well-structured, and the content was effectively delivered. The program has helped me improve many valuable skills for advancing an academic career as a female researcher. During the few days, I also had the opportunity to meet many fellow female researchers, with whom I have become good friends. "

- Yao Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

“This programme is exceptional, as it connected me with excellent female researchers across different fields. This is how we got abundant sparkles and inspirations in all of the well-structured sessions. My self-awareness of the gender inclusion was greatly improved, and most importantly, I became confident in speaking up and taking leadership roles”.

- Zhiling Wang, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Economics

“The Women in Academia program was a game-changer for me. It offered practical strategies for building professional networks and empowered me to advocate for a more inclusive culture.”

- Maria Grith, Assistant Professor, Department of Econometrics

Connecting (with) strong, talented, passionate women in academia is a valuable investment. Exciting & empowering 
- Laura Hering, Erasmus School of Economics

Prepare for inspiring and empowering days! 
- Marianne van Bochove, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management


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