For Ambitious Female Academics
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Women in Academia: personal & career development

The aim of the programme is to enable each of the participants to discover more about themselves through interacting with other highly talented female academics in a challenging but pleasant environment and build their networks.

Key topics of the programme are: leadership, effective communicating, leveraging your networks, and navigating the political playing field. During the programme participants will explore best practices, share insights, learn about the latest research, compare experiences, and discuss their ideas and challenges with each other.

Since the programme is highly practical, participants can put what they have learned into practice immediately. During the programme guest speakers from within Erasmus executive board level will be invited to share ideas and get into discussion with the participants. Speed meetings with Erasmus professors will be an important part of the programme to broaden the participant’s network.

The outcomes of the programme will facilitate highly talented women to:

  • explore the value of women in leadership and develop an understanding of their own leadership style and how it aligns with their leadership strategy
  • think critically about their attitudes and beliefs about gender
  • learn how to communicate effectively by exploring new perspectives on communication processes that will enhance their ability to understand and navigate complex interactions
  • develop new perspectives on the meaning, value and importance of social networks both within their personal and organisational context
  • enhance their ability to support others in their aims to achieve individual and organisational goals.

Practical information


16, 17 & 18 November 2020


Due to current measures around covid-19, this course will be offered online.

Teachers: The teachers are connected to the Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations
Target audience:

Assistant/associate professors/ postdocs from EUR


The participation fee is EUR 500.  You can either ask your department to fund your participation or use your Personal Career Budget to pay for this. 

If you are currently following the Academic Leadership course, you may combine it with Women in Academia with no extra costs. 

Registration:Contrary to the previous CDP-programme, there is no selection procedure.
Registration is on first come first serve basis.     
Certificate:At the end of this course you will receive a certificate.

*To get the full experience of the programme your attendance is mandatory for all sessions. Please make arrangements beforehand so that you can attend the complete programme. 

  • To encourage diversity in leadership positions there is a special offer for female participants who want to combine the Academic Leadership (AL) course with the Women in Academia (WiA) program. AL is a mandatory course for all employees who wish to grow to associate level position. If you wish to combine AL and WiA while enrolled in AL, you get exempted from AL's "Leadership in context of the organization" module, in order to participate in the WiA programme (free of extra charges).

    Please make sure to indicate this in your registration. 

  • Connecting (with) strong, talented, passionate women in academia is a valuable investment. Exciting & empowering 
    - Laura Hering, Erasmus School of Economics

    Prepare for inspiring and empowering days!
    - Marianne van Bochove, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management