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  • Excel Advanced

    This training covers the following topics: functions and formulas, pivot tables and graphs, databases and macros.

  • Feeling stressed? Get moving - stress, stress management & physical exercise

    This course equips you with general, evidence-based knowledge about stress, stress consequences and stress management methods to enable you to mind your health in stressful situations more effectively. When discussing stress management methods, the course will in particular focus on the power of physical exercise as stress regulation mechanism and provide advice on how to get/remain physically active. 

  • Intervision for Associate professors

    Intervision is a valuable way to discuss cases from your work setting with colleagues with a similar position. Participants learn from each other by asking questions, sharing experiences, supporting each other and by deep reflection.

  • Manage your inbox

    In this short practical training, you will learn how to regain control over your emails, to process your email correspondence quicker and get a better overview of your tasks.

  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness meditation is a way to focus your attention on what is there at the present moment. By being more conscious about how you react to a situation emotionally and physically, you can identify stress quicker. That gives you the chance to handle it more consciously instead of reacting out of habit or reflex and thus to respond to difficult situations in a more adequate way.

  • Personal leadership

    In this training, we invite you to uncover and examine your own talents, ambitions and limitations in an experiential manner. We will establish a link between your personal goals and professional challenges.

  • Time management

    Bursting mailboxes and to-do lists, unexpected distractions, unrealistic planning and demanding environment: “simply” doing your work is probably a daily challenge for you. Your own procrastination, perfectionism or uncontrolled helpfulness possibly contribute to it. In three intervision and training sessions, you will increase your self-knowledge, experience what is important to you and get insights in how to influence your environment.

  • How to deal with perfectionism

    This course is focusing on identifying and working on the unhelpful parts, so that you get satisfaction from your achievements and lead a more fulfilling life.

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Career trainings

Below you`ll find trainings you can follow as part of your career development and/or suggest to your employees as a supervisor.

  • Jobcrafting

    Jobcrafting means making adjustments to create a better fit between your work and yourself as a person. In this workshop, you will learn about the effect of a good work perception and how you can influence it. In doing so we combine scientific insights on happy working with practically oriented components targeted at your (personal) development within your work. 

  • LinkedIn

    The goal of this training is to gain insight into the possibilities of LinkedIn. Getting to know the market better and becoming less dependent on available vacancies by exploring the market proactively, discovering interesting (unknown) organisations, finding and following the right contact persons, and having a technically easily findable profile so that you can also be found by the market.

  • Personal branding & networking

    In this training, you learn to network in a (more) conscious way. You begin with naming your added value and ambition. Then you learn to communicate about yourself clearly and efficiently in a conversation, at work and on social media.

  • Your next step

    Your Next Step answers questions such as: Who am I? What can I do and what do I want? How do I get there? In this training, you will create an up-to-date self-image, formulate your next step in your career and write a plan to realise your wish.

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