Get happier at work and improve your performance

Get happier at work and improve your performance with job crafting. Job crafting means making adjustments in order to create a better match between your work and you as a person.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to start crafting your job. You’ll learn what effects can be expected from happiness at work and to what extent we can influence it ourselves. We’ll combine insights from the science around happiness at work with practical exercises focused on your (personal) development at work. You will describe your best next steps as a job crafter, which you’ll start implementing at your job the next week. .

Goal and results

  • Participants know the principles of job crafting.
  • Participants know the important effects of being happier at work on both business as private levels.
  • Participants have a clearer image of the amount of influence they have on their own happiness at work.
  • Participants have analyzed their own situation and have selected one or more areas of attentions.
  • Participants describe one or more job crafting steps to start implementing in the following workdays.

Practical information

Date:Interested in the English version? Please let us know!
Time:9.00 - 13.00
Duration:Half a day

This training is offered free of charge to EUR employees. If the enrollment is canceled by the participant outside the specified period (see cancellation conditions), an amount of €197 will be charged.

Participants of Leiden University, Delft University and EUR Holding pay €197 per participant.

Other: You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.



  • Introduction to job crafting and happiness at work.
  • Influence on happiness at work.
  • Pillars of happiness at work and your job.






  • Pillars of happiness at work and your job. (continued)
  • Effective and self-limiting behaviour.
  • Choosing your area of attention.
  • Describing job crafting actions.
  • Next steps in job crafting.

Ron de Jong is senior coach and specialist on happiness at work.
You can find more information about him on his website: Deur 2

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