Finding, connecting and capitalising. That’s what LinkedIn is all about. It’s hard to imagine our society without social media. It’s quick and easy to create a profile, but how can LinkedIn help you in carrying out your work and enhancing your career? How can you expand and utilise your academic and non-academic professional network both nationally and internationally? How can you profile yourself online? How do you discover relevant contacts? How do you ensure that you use your online contacts to get interviews with employers more easily? How do you ensure that recruiters, employers and colleagues from your field can find you?
Discover the answer to this and other questions in this practical training full of tips and tricks.  This training consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction LinkedIn (if you want to get more out of your profile)
  • Part 2: Marketing approach (for those who are actively searching for a new job)

Practical information


Interested in the English version? Please let us know!


Part 1: 9.00 - 13.00
Part 2: 9.00 - 13.00


This training is offered free of charge to EUR employees. If the enrollment is canceled by the participant outside the specified period (see cancellation conditions), an amount of €405 will be charged.

Participants of Leiden University, Delft University and EUR Holding pay €405 per participant.

Other:You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

You will get started actively on your profile using the laptop. Questions will arise naturally and we will achieve immediate results. You will receive a checklist prior to the 1st half day.

1st half day

  • LinkedIn backgrounds and social media impact
  • Optimising your own profile
  • Keywords for optimum search results
  • Demonstrating your added value
  • Obtaining more views and doing something with them
  • Mapping out your employment market
  • Searching for companies that are potentially interesting for you. 

2nd half day

  • Searching for a potential manager, colleague or other relevant contact
  • Converting second-line contacts into first-line contacts
  • Taking action when people view your profile
  • Blogging, posting and the effects of these
  • Selecting groups
  • Maintaining contacts
  • Writing personal invitations

Analysing & influencing: focus on your environment
Personal effectiveness: self-reflection
Communicating & influencing: presenting, written communication skills, networking skills.

The training will be given by Elton Backx, LinkedIn expert, on behalf of De Heren Van Werk.

The training is for those who already have a LinkedIn profile, wish to use LinkedIn more effectively, are searching for work and/or wish to build and utilise a professional network. The 'Brand & Network’ training is a supplement to this training.

Personal Branding & Networking

The 'Personal branding & networking’ training is a supplement to this training.

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