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Are you a scientist working for Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University or Delft University of Technology? Would you like to develop your teaching skills? Below you will find the training opportunities in this field:

Teacher with students

How to make a good educational video for your course?

In this MicroLab you will learn how to create an educational video that you can use in your own course. You will write a script for the video, make a corresponding PowerPoint presentation and then - after a camera training - record your knowledge clip in the Erasmus studio. You can then use this video in your course. Other examples are: How to blend your course with Canvas and How to supervise thesis students. 

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MicroLabs are short, online how-to modules about specific educational issues (educational design, delivery and assessment) lasting two to four hours. Each MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear result. After an preparation (and qualification) in Canvas you will have a live session MicroLab. In this MicroLab session you start working on your own education material. This means that after the MicroLab, you will have a concrete result for your own education. Find out more about the MicroLabs.

The Didactics of Delivery in Education (DDE) trajectory is a new trajectory for beginning lecturers, for example tutors and PhD students, who would like to improve their didactical skills. The DDE-trajectory focuses on basic didactical skills, like motivating students, active learning, inclusive education, and presenting new information effectively. Read more about the DDE-trajectory.

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is mandatory for all teachers associated with a Dutch university. The UTQ consists of two parts: (1) the educational trajectory as previously described and (2) English proficiency at level C1. Read more

For: assistant professor | associate professor

The BEQ trajectory is a compact individual portfolio trajectory that can be tailor-made from short didactical modules (Microlabs) on assessment. The BEQ trajectory covers the entire assessment cycle at course level from design to evaluation. Read more about the BEQ.

For: assistant professor | associate professor

The Senior University Teaching Qualification (STQ) is intended for experienced teachers with at least five years' experience in higher education, who have attained the UTQ level. You wish to develop in terms of innovative and inspiring teaching, and are prepared to take a development step to develop new teaching or to improve existing teaching systematically.  Read more

For: associate professor | full professor

The Senior Examiner Qualification (SEQ) course aims to stimulate and improve the professionalisation of lecturers. It is intended for teachers that are (prospective) members of examination boards and/or program coordinators/directors at an Erasmus School or institutes. The aims of this course are to improve knowledge and skills on quality of assessment in higher education, at the level of schools and/or degree programs. Read more about the SEQ.

During this inspiring one-year course you will immerse yourself in educational and (educational) leadership themes, you will execute an innovation project within your own programme/faculty, and you will develop your own substantiated vision of teaching and providing leadership.  Read more

If the MicroLab portfolio does not fit your needs, get in touch with Risbo to see whether there are possibilities to set up a workshop or training especially addressing the topic or educational challenge of your choice. If this initiative contributes to the improvement and innovation of your education, you might consider requesting CLI's support in this, in the form of an innovation project.

The goal of this course is to improve the level of oral skills up to level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference. C1 is the level needed to obtain for the University Teaching Qualification.  Read more. 

For: PhD | lecturer | assistant professor | associate professor | full professor

After taking part in this masterclass you know how to guide and help students with dyslexia. Read more (in Dutch)

The Case Writing Workshop aims to help people  develop and write teaching cases. 

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