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Do you want more fulfilment from your current job? Or do you want to develop further for another position at the EUR or elsewhere? Our career training help you take control of your career, so you remain attractive to your employer an the job market in general. 

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  • Job crafting

    Increase your job satisfaction and improve your performance by implementing job crafting. Job crafting means making adjustments to create a better fit between your work and yourself as a person.

  • Your next step

    Who am I? What can I do and what do I want? How do I get there? If you can answer these questions, you can take control of your career development. This training will support you in doing this.

  • Personal branding & networking

    Do you want to get noticed by people in your field, work environment or on the job market? In this training, you will learn to successfully profile yourself and network in a relaxed manner.

  • LinkedIn

    With 6.8 million members LinkedIn offers a valuable network of people and companies. Learn how to use it efficiently to increase your network.

  • Conducting P&D conversations for employees

    This training provides insight into what you can expect from such an interview and which conversation techniques you can employ to make your P&D conversation a success. 

  • Saying goodbye to work

    Retirement brings many changes into one’s life. In this programme you will reflect on these changes and redefine your path.

  • Design your career

    Performing well in your job in a continuously shifting context requires a mindset where ongoing personal development is one of those things that goes without saying. Learn how to adapt to the "lifelong learning" mindset.

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