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There are many personal reasons why you could opt for one university or country over another. However, please be aware that wherever you go, you will have a great time. Every country has its plusses and downsides and each university will have international student organisations that will make your time abroad an unforgettable experience.

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If you have trouble deciding where you wish to study, please take the following factors into consideration:

  • Course offering: Your exchange is your chance to register for courses you would not be able to take at Erasmus School of Economics. Read more on choosing courses.

  • Language of instruction: Check in advance whether you are proficient in the language of the university. The university may teach in a different language than English. Make sure that you have the right documents to prove your proficiency if needed.

  • Eligibility / Requirements: Any university may impose entry requirements on incoming students. These eligibility criteria are listed in the partner profiles, on the university’s exchange pages and in the factsheet that you can download. Check whether you meet the criteria before adding a university to your list of preferred choices.

    GPA equivalents of Dutch average grades:


    Dutch weighted average


    8,0 and up







  • Culture of the country / region: Do not underestimate this aspect. At any university, (whether it be Belgium or China), you will experience a different culture from that in the Netherlands. Usually it is possible to adjust to the host culture, but you may run into difficulties. Think ahead whether you can learn to live with the host culture. Please read more on culture shock.

  • Finances: Consider your budget and estimate how much you can spend on your exchange. The expense of living and travel costs differ per country. Review the page on costs and grants for more information.

  • Academic Calendar: Semester systems do not always match Erasmus School of Economic’s academic calendar. If you need to be back to take classes in block 3, you should be prepared to arrange early exams or make your exam at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Your host university must allow this. If not, you should be willing to travel back to take the exam or to miss some classes in Rotterdam. You can only arrange this with your individual professors after your classes have started.

  • Number of places: In each profile, you will find how many students can be send to each partner university for the coming academic year. It may be helpful in determining your chances.

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