Costs and grants

The expenses of your time abroad depend on your own spending behaviour. For some students spending time abroad is more expensive than staying home. For others this might be the other way around. Some even manage to save up.

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It is estimated that you will need about € 1000,- a month during your exchange, depending on the cost of living in your host country and how much you decide to spend on social activities, trips, etc. Before you leave, make sure to calculate your income and expenditures in the Netherlands (Nibud may be of help) and compare them to student reports and estimates made by the partner universities.


The costs of your exchange abroad depend on where you choose to go to. When studying abroad, you might want to consider the following costs:

  • Tuition fee at Erasmus University. You do not need to pay tuition fees at the partner university.
  • Administrative fees partner university. The partner university may charge some administration fee for housing, for example.
  • Housing.
  • (Public) transport (from/to university) 
  • Insurance, such as supplementary health insurance, travel insurance and liability insurance. In some countries, you may be required to get a local insurance. In this case, it may be that you need to pay your obligatory Dutch insurance as well.
  • Food.
  • Social activities and trips.
  • Travel expenses and possible visa fee.

Grant opportunities

There are a few scholarships available to selected exchange students at Erasmus School of Economics. Please find an overview of available grants below:


Students going on exchange to a destination within Europe (and Turkey) may be eligible for an Erasmus+ Grant. All selected students will be nominated for this grant by the Exchange Office, but the grant cannot be guaranteed beforehand.

More information on Erasmus+ may be found on the website on this topic.

The Erasmus School of Economics Scholarship

All students selected for an exchange destination outside of the Erasmus+ area can qualify for the Erasmus School of Economics Scholarship of € 500,-. 

The Erasmus School of Economics Additional Scholarship  

Erasmus School of Economics offers an additional scholarship of maximum € 500,- to a few students who are highly motivated for an exchange and who can prove that they do not have sufficient financial means support their trip abroad. Please note that the budget for this scholarship is limited; selection shall take place.

NL Scholarship Erasmus University

The NL Scholarship is a scholarship made available by the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science together with Erasmus University Rotterdam, meant for excellent students who want to study, do research or participate in an internship outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including Norway, Switzerland,  the UK and Turkey. The scholarship amounts to € 1.250 as a contribution towards your study expenses.

Criteria for the NL Scholarship can be found on Canvas FEB63005. Students must also meet the requirements as listed on the webpage of the NL Scholarship.

Other grants and scholarships

You are more than welcome to apply for other grant opportunities. Please inform the Exchange Coordinator on time if the grant requires you to submit additional information from the university.

Next to the above-mentioned grants, please consider other resources of financing:

For more information on Funding, please visit EUR International Office’s website on this topic as well as Canvas FEB63005 International Exchange for more details

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