Students who want to study abroad should:

  1. Be enrolled as a fulltime student at Erasmus School of Economics.
    • This will be checked in September.
    • If you want to go abroad after passing all courses (usually master students), make sure to discuss with your thesis coordinator how you can delay your graduation.
  2. Have passed all subjects from their first bachelor year (60 credits, BSA) upon application. Regarding courses of your BSA, compensated courses are considered as passed courses.
  3. Have obtained at least 20 credits from their second bachelor year (block 1 and 2) upon application (fall semester) or at least 40 credits from their second bachelor year upon application (spring semester).
    • Exemption: BSc2 students must have obtained their BSA for both IBEB and Econometrics.
  4. Have a weighted average grade of at least a 7.0 of their academic record to apply for destinations outside the EU. This average grade is based upon the courses as follows:

    • Bachelor students: all courses from the first bachelor year and the first two blocks of the second bachelor year.
    • BSc2 students: all courses from the first and second bachelor year and the first two blocks of the third bachelor year.
    • Master students: all courses from the bachelor programme (also if you obtained your bachelor degree elsewhere)
  5. Only grades obtained at Erasmus School of Economics will be included. This calculation excludes courses for which you received an exemption. Non-rounded grades will always be used. The calculation is the same for both the fall and spring semester.

  6. Meet the language requirements of the partner university.
    • Some host universities require that our students take a language test such as a TOEFL or IELTS test upon application. It is the student's own responsibility to find out about the language requirements of the host university. You do not need to show language proficiency test results upon the time of application at Erasmus School of Economics, only upon the application at the host university.
  7. Obtain approval of the courses you wish to take prior to going abroad equaling at least 24 credits. For details, please check the page on choosing courses.
    • Exemptions are possible for students who already obtained some of these 24 credits.