Who and When?

Bachelor students

The exchange programme of Erasmus School of Economics is designed for:

  • Bachelor-3 students of Economie en Bedrijfseconomie, International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics, Econometrie en Operationele Research, and International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research
  • Bachelor-4 students of double bachelor BSc² in Econometrics and Economics

Fiscale Economie students can go on an exchange semester, but this will result in a study delay. Therefore, we advise these student to the study advisers before applying.


The best time for all bachelor students mentioned above is to go on exchange during the fall semester (of the 3rd or 4th year). Going on an exchange in the spring semester will result in a study delay. Therefore, we advise these students to contact the study advisers to discuss the possibilities. Please note that in the spring semester the choice of partner universities will be very limited.

Master students

Master students can go on an exchange semester, even though it is not integrated in the curriculum of our master programmes. This means that electives completed during an exchange semester cannot be incorporated in the master programme. Master students who choose to go on exchange will therefore always end up with a study delay. Pre-master students cannot apply for the exchange programme during the pre-master programme.

The partner profiles of all universities indicate whether the partner university offers courses on master level. Master students can also apply to universities that only offer bachelor level courses. Please note that this means master courses at this university are not open to Erasmus School of Economics students and that the placement procedure will prioritise bachelor students for these universities.


Master students can apply for either fall or spring semester.

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