Participation, Community-based initiatives and Social Entrepreneurship

Three volunteers standing together
  • prof.dr. Arwin van Buuren

    Inviting governance

    How can governments organize themselves to make the most of the organizing capacity of initiatives?

  • prof.dr. Jurian Edelenbos

    Interactive forms of governance

    How can legitimate, effective and sustainable relationships between governments and resident initiatives be shaped?

  • Beitske Boonstra

    Urban governance

    How and through which actors do productive collaboration occur between public agencies and social initiatives in the city?

  • Jasper Eshuis

    The role of emotions in participation

    Jasper is especially interested in how residents, businesses and governments can work together based on enthusiasm, "seduction", and nudging, and how this goes hand in hand with classic public policy.

  • dr. Gijs Custers

    Social inequality within and between neighbourhoods

    How do middle classes develop in neighbourhoods? What about inequality in participation between different groups?

    Gijs Custers
  • dr. Mike Duijn

    Innovation in public administration

    His specific experience, knowledge and affinity lie in governance issues in urban and spatial planning, decentralized energy supply, subsoil, soil and water management and climate adaptation.

  • dr. Philip Karré

    Social entrepreneurship and social innovation

    How can we generate impact by working on social issues in an entrepreneurial way? What does the hybrid nature of social entrepreneurship and social innovation require from initiators, administrators and society?

    Philip Karre
  • dr. Ingmar van Meerkerk

    Management of citizens' initiatives and interactive forms of governance

    Success factors in terms of performance and sustainability of civic initiatives with specific attention to the role of connectors.

  • dr. Jose Nederhand

    Legitimacy of participation and initiatives: the role of official and political leadership

    How can and will officials, administrators, and representatives of the people test and guide good participation and citizen collectives? And how, and by whom, is "good" defined? 

  • dr. Jitske van Popering

    Increasing collaborative capacity

    She researches the ability of parties to contribute to successful collaboration. Jitske focuses on the following areas: space, water safety, climate adaptation, energy and soil.

    Foto van Jitske van Popering-Verkerk
  • dr. William Voorberg

    Designing co-production between government and society

    How does cooperation between citizens and governments function? How can design and intervention contribute to better collaboration?

    Dr. William Voorberg
  • Steven Blok, MSc

    The relationship between collective action and residents' initiatives

    How do residents work together in civic initiatives? What is the effect of government intervention on the functioning of residents' initiatives?

    Steven Blok
  • Malika Igalla, MSc

    Sustainability and performance of civic initiatives

    To visualize and explain the sustainability and performance of civic initiatives by examining relationships with crucial factors from a mixed methods research strategy.

    Handtekening Erasmus
  • Vatan Huzeir, MSc

    Activism for sustainability

    How do activist groups work in achieving sustainable goals? How do they relate to existing structures of politics and governance?

    Vatan Hüzeir Research Master SCMA Alumni
  • Joëllle van der Meer, MSc.

    Civil service craftsmanship in relation to participation

    What is the relationship between democratic renewal and civil service professionalism? What competencies are

  • Vivian Visser, MSc.

    Inviting governance

    Vivian Visser focuses her research and advice on how governments can make the best use of the organizing capacity of citizens' initiatives. Her research is positioned at the intersection of public administration and sociology and studies the perspectives of both citizens and civil servants.

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