Practical Information

Once you have accepted your offer to study at EUC there are still several steps to take before you are fully ready to start your bachelor studies. Some of these steps are mandated by us at EUC, others by the city of Rotterdam or even the Dutch government. In any case, please consider this a check-list of things that you’ll need to understand or take action on in the coming months.

  • There are several important steps to take to finalize your enrollment as an EUC student. You will find an overview of these at all times in Osiris Student. The EUC admissions office will also reach out to you by email about completing the steps.

    By 31 August, you have to:

    1. submit certified copies of your diploma and/or your final grade list (not for VWO applicants; your diploma and final grade list will be verified digitally) However, due to the ongoing crisis final exams for secondary education have been cancelled in various countries, including the Netherlands. Therefore, we ask all applicants to submit a certified copy of their diploma by August 1.
    2. arrange the payment of your tuition fees
    3. upload a passport photo to Osiris Student

    If you have any questions, or need any information, on finalizing your enrollment, then please reach out to the Erasmus Student Service Centre. The video below provides you with an overview of how to check the status of your enrollment.

    Check your enrolment with Osiris student

  • As you can see in these pages, there are multiple important dates and activities around the start of your adventure at EUC. The most critical date for planning is Monday, August 24; that will be the first day of your mandatory Introductory Programme and the start of your academic sessions.

    If you would like to make use of the Airport welcome services, please read how to do that here.

    Many students choose to arrive much earlier to check-in to housing on the first possible date of August 15, and/or to attend the fun (and optional) orientation week planned by our parent university, Erasmus University Rotterdam, which starts on August 17. Learn more.

  • Our parent university, Erasmus University Rotterdam, hosts a “One Stop Shop” to help a few thousand first-year students (like yourselves) make arrangements for the most fundamental things you’ll read about here, registering at the City Hall. You will need to prepare in advance but the "One Stop Shop” makes it easier and more efficient to get things finalised.

    You need to separately sign-up for the One Stop Shop. Click here to find more information about the available dates, time slots and to sign-up for the One Stop Shop.

    Note: do NOT sign up for the One Stop Shop on the 26th of August because this will overlap with your EUC introduction programme. The most convenient timeslot is the 27th of August between 09:00 and 12:00 since this is before your courses at EUC officially begin.

  • Before you leave to the Netherlands it is important to consider the type of health insurance you need to arrange for yourself. It is legally required to be properly covered by insurance for medical expenses when living in the Netherlands. The Dutch health system is furthermore based on General Practitioners being the first Point of Contact for medical issues. It is very important to find a (local) GP and register yourself. Please read the explanation on the website of the Erasmus Medical Centre carefully.

    Please carefully read the information supplied by our parent university.

    Watch a short video on health insurance made by ESN Rotterdam.

  • You are required to register at the Rotterdam city hall as a student at EUC. Once you have done this you will be given your Citizen Service Number (Dutch: Burger Service Nummer, BSN) which is required for many things such as setting up a Dutch bank account and arranging rent benefit. You will need your BSN to apply for a DigiD, which is essential in all online communication with the Dutch government. Do so as soon as possible, and carefully keep your data safe. A Dutch DigiD is unique, only awarded once, and valid for life. Please carefully read the information supplied by our parent university about advance preparation and required documents.

  • Setting up a Dutch bank account is required for payment of your housing at Lucia from September onwards. Most banks require that you already have registered with the City Hall and have Citizen Service Number (in Dutch, BSN) for you to open an account with them. Please carefully read the information supplied by our parent university about options for arranging a Dutch bank account.

    Currently, ABN AMRO allows students older than 18 to register for a student package online. A BSN is not required at the time of registration. However, the BSN should be communicated up to 6 weeks after registering. 

    Note: if you are not yet 18, you will have to make an appointment and/or your parents or guardian will need to sign bank application forms on your behalf.

  • Whilst living in Lucia you might be eligible for rent benefit (Dutch: huurtoeslag) from the Dutch government. If you qualify, this could significantly reduce your effective monthly living costs. Please visit the Housing section of this page for more information.

Useful Resources

Below are several useful resources which we recommend that you take a look at before your departure to the Netherlands.