Practical Information

Once you have accepted your offer to study at EUC there are still several steps to take before you are fully ready to start your bachelor studies. Luckily, as an EUC student, your housing is guaranteed for the first year at Lucia; make sure to check our 'Arrange your Housing' page for details on booking your room and moving in.

Before you start you will also need to ensure that your enrolment is finalised as well as prepare to arrange practical matters such as: health insurance, registration at the city hall, opening a Dutch bank account etc. Below we have listed useful information and resources on these different topics for your convenience.

Finalise your enrolment by August 31!

In order to finalise your enrolment there are several steps to take, these will all be accessible to you via You will also be contacted by the EUC admissions team via email informing you of how to complete the steps. The steps are listed below as a checklist for you:  

  1. Sending proof of your final diploma, this can be done via several methods depending on your diploma (for VWO diploma students this is done automatically)
  2. Uploading a photo in Studielink
  3. Arranging payment of your tuition fees

If you have questions about finalising enrolment please reach out to the Erasmus Student Service Centre.

The video below provides an overview of how to check your enrolment progress.

Check your enrolment with Osiris student

Health Insurance

Before you leave to the Netherlands it is important to consider the type of health insurance you want to arrange for yourself. It is legally required to be properly covered by insurance for medical expenses when living in the Netherlands. Often your foreign health insurance will not sufficiently cover your medical expenses in the Netherlands and you might need to arrange supplementary health insurance. There are several health insurance companies in the Netherlands offering various packages to choose from. We recommend visiting the Zorgsverzekeringslijn or Study in Holland websites for useful information on health insurance before you depart to the Netherlands.

Erasmus University Rotterdam organises a One-Stop-Shop with a health insurance company (AON Insurance) present, so that you can register with them. The One-Stop-Shop is exclusively available to EUC students on the 28th of August between 13.00-16.00. Of course you are free to arrange your own insurance if you prefer. 

Registration at the City Hall

You are legally required to register at the city hall as a student at EUC. Once you have done this you will be given your Citizen Service Number (Dutch: Burger Service Nummer, BSN) which is required for many things such as setting up a Dutch bank account, applying for rent benefit (Dutch: huurtoeslag), getting a job etc. At the One-Stop-Shop organised by Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will be able to register with the city hall, we strongly recommend you to make use of this opportunity. One the web-page of the One-Stop-Shop you will find which documents you will need to bring for the appointment. 

Bank Account

Setting up a Dutch bank account is required for payment of your housing at Lucia from September onwards. Most banks require you to already have registered with the City Hall and have your BSN for you to open an account with them. This can all be arranged at the One-Stop-Shop on 28 August and the bank Bunq will be available for you to set up an account with there as well. It is advisable for you to plan your finances so that you will be able to manage up until then without a Dutch bank account.

Note: if you are not yet 18, your parents or guardian will need to sign the bank application forms on your behalf.

Rent Benefit

Whilst living in Lucia you might be eligible for rent benefit (Dutch: huurtoeslag) from the Dutch government. This is a great resource to apply for because it could significantly reduce your effective monthly living costs. You do however, need to check to see whether you are eligible for rent benefit and you have to apply for this yourself. Rent benefit is a subsidy transferred from the Dutch government to your account based upon your financial situation and conditions from your tenancy agreement. Rent benefit is something you can only arrange once you have registered with the city hall and have your BSN. You can apply retroactively for rent benefit up until one year after the applicable date.

Comprehensive information on how to apply for rent benefit can be found on the Dutch tax authority website. Information for your rent benefit application can be obtained on the Lucia-Living website.

Useful Resources

Below are several useful resources which we recommend that you take a look at before your departure to the Netherlands. Note, as an EUC student you do not have to register for the One-Stop-Shop as we have a dedicated timeslot on the 28th of August between 13.00-16.00. If you prefer another timeslot then you will need to register.