Why this Study programme

Forensic and Legal Psychology

This programme will teach you how to apply scientifically validated knowledge and instrumentation to forensic problems. You will be able to better understand underlying neural, social and behavioural mechanisms of criminal behaviour, to help assess criminal irresponsibility and to treat criminals with a mental disorder. You will also learn how legal fact findings works, that is, how to evaluate criminal evidence.



Why study this programme in Rotterdam?

  • The programme aims at implementing state of the art scientific insights in the field of forensic psychology (i.e. evidence-based practice), with a possibility of focusing on clinical forensic (neuro)psychology, or on legal psychology.
  • The programme employs various educational approaches ranging from lectures to practical assignments.
  • This programme is unique in its combination of forensic (neuro)psychology and legal psychology in a 1-year programme.


While forensic psychology is one of the biggest applied domains of psychology in the Netherlands, strongly in need of innovation, legal psychology is a new and small domain, in need of psychologists taking up the challenges of any undeveloped field.
As a forensic psychologist doing neuroscientific research, I am inspired to teach this new and vibrant area of forensic neuropsychology to students who are eager and motivated to learn about this new field.
The unpredictability of the patients and the complexity of the cases in both the forensic and legal field make this master a perfect fit for those that desire a genuine brain-cracking challenge.

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