Career opportunities for Master International and European Union Law

As a graduate you will have the skills to critically and constructively analyse contemporary issues in international and European Law. You will also have a deepened insight into the theory and practice of International and European law in an interdisciplinary context.

Our graduates are working in a diverse range of jobs. Some of them are working as a legal (policy) advisor or, more general, as a civil servant for national ministries, European and/or international institutions. In addition other graduates pursue a career in diplomacy or become active in the European or international consulting and lobbying industry. Of course our graduates can also continue their career in the academia or have a position at a non-governmental organization like Amnesty International.


If you are interested in an international career and looking for a comprehensive master’s programme, this one is the right choice for you.
Danijel Bajt
Alumnus International and European Union Law 2017-2018
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The programme enabled me to excel academically and to develop certain practical skills that proved valuable all throughout my professional career.
Jana Trifunović
Alumnus International and European Union Law 2015-2016
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