Students' coursework and theses

Students engage with social inequalities across the different EUR faculties.  

This collection gives you access to their work: Essays, research papers, websites, podcasts, and theses offer us a rich entry into key social urban problems and challenges. Most of them focus on Rotterdam. “Around the world” assignments extend the scope of this collection and invite us to adopt a more comparative and international perspective.  


Free seas and captive histories

Arjîn Elgersma | MSc Engaging Public Issues

Underdogs tilting the scale in Dutch white spaces: experiences and strategies of academically educated black dutchmen in the construction and negotiation of their identity in the Netherlands

Juneal Holder | MA Media, Culture & Society

Ongekend Onrecht: The toeslagenaffaire from the parents' perspective

Fenna Nijboer, Romy Zhang, Lara de Vleesschouwer, Serena van den Boogerd

What can the Rotterdam Slutwalk tell us about activism in the city?

Vy Truong, Wiebke Aepkers, Anqie Dong | Communicating (in)equality in the city

Connection in a superdiverse city: Reflection on the theory and practice of oral history

Eileen van der Burgh | Rotterdam Stories from the (post)colonial diverse city

Accessing the digital life: Tackling digital inequalities in Rotterdam

A project by students of the Master Honours programme Tackling inequalities

Affordable housing; Reality or utopia in 21st century Rotterdam?

Naomi Rommens | City, economy and society

Landscape of the city of Rotterdam with buildings and boats.

When they see our hair | Detangling the roots of racial representation through the imagery of Black hair salons

P. Mashigo | MA thesis Media, Culture & Society

Policy learning in the context of wicked policy issues: A case study of civic integration policy in Rotterdam

Leonieke van Dordrecht | MSc Governance of Migration & Diversity

Course Exercise: (Re)mapping Rotterdam

Communicating (in)equality in the city

Z: Living memories of Rotterdam from a second-generation migrant from Morocco

Floris Plak |Rotterdam Stories from the (post)colonial diverse city

The story unfolds: White media and the understanding of ethnic diversity. An exploratory research into Dutch media

Nicky Nathaniël Papilaja | MA thesis Media & Creative Industries

The sustainable grand challenge of eradicating poverty among young adults in the Netherlands

Borja Martin Barbera | Sustainability Grand Challenges

Man standing next to buildings

"If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we end poverty?"

Moritz Schreyer | Sustainability Grand Challenges

person sitting next to the Maas river

From junior to tenEUR: Women’s obstacles to equality at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

William Sampaeo Shain & Rose Assous | Qualitative research through interviewing

"Where there's smoke, there's fire": A qualitative analysis of young women's their perception of safety on public transport in relation to associated infrastructure

Floris Gast, Leone Levi , Mathilde Kallesoe, Shakti Jacota, Thor Heuer

STEM fields: A female perspective on the relationships between gender and work

Shakti Jacotă & Cazper Lourens Gerard Steigstra | Qualitative Research

Social-spatial segregation in Bogotá: A self-reinforcing and multicausal phenomenon

Camilo Jáuregui | Urban Sustainability and GIS

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