Economics and Business Economics

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics and Business Economics

For those who aspire to be challenged and cross borders.

Why study International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics in Rotterdam?

Do international issues relating to economics and business interest you? Do topics like the development of the Chinese economy matter to you? Are you highly motivated and eager to study with international students? Then the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics is your programme of choice. While focusing on global issues you will develop the analytical, problem-solving and communication skills required to help find answers to questions like:

  • How will changes in unemployment rates affect consumer spending?
  • What can be done to prevent a new ‘Eurozone crisis’?
  • How will the unequal distribution of wealth affect future economic growth?
  • Will Chinese import growth continue to accelerate relative value to exports?

The International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics will bring you:

  • an international classroom and cosmopolitan atmosphere;
  • a thorough understanding of economics and business economics;
  • a balanced mix of theory and practice;
  • ample opportunities to study abroad;
  • personal academic support;
  • advanced teaching methods;
  • excellent career opportunities.

Nina Zimberlin

“I knew that this programme was right for me because it doesn’t define a path to one future.”

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