Corporate colours

At corporate level, Erasmus University Rotterdam’s corporate identity has two main colours and one accent colour. The main corporate colours are Erasmus Green and Bright Green. The accent colour is Erasmus Warm Grey.

When to use which colour?

For printing, you only use the CMYK-codes, for web (on screen) you only use the RGB-codes. Note: The corporate colours used on (i.e. web house style) differ from the RGB-code as communicated on this page.

To limit color differences in printing efforts, we sometimes distinguish a coated and an uncoated CMYK-code. In that case, make sure to communicate to your designer on which type of paper you are planning to print.

  • Erasmus Heldergroen

    Erasmus Bright Green

    PMS: Green C
    CMYK (coated and uncoated): 95/0/55/0
    RGB: 00/185/105 
    RAL: 6024 Traffic Green

  • Corporate helder groen digitaal

    Erasmus bright green for digital purposes

    RGB: 12/128/102
    Digital #0C8066

  • Erasmus Groen

    Erasmus Green

    PMS: 2217C
    CMYK (coated and uncoated): 90/0/30/90
    RGB: 0/35/40
    RAL: 6012 Zwartgroen

  • Erasmus Warm Grijs

    Erasmus Warm Grey

    PMS: 434C
    CMYK (coated and uncoated): 15/10/10/15
    RGB: 227/218/216
    RAL: 7047 Telegrey 4

Secondary colours

Each faculty and institute has its own colour. This secondary colour is combined with Erasmus Green. In some cases, the secondary colour may be combined with Erasmus Warm Grey as an exception. Erasmus Green must then feature in the typography. A secondary colour may not be combined with Erasmus Bright Green.  

  • Erasmus School of Economics - geel

    Erasmus School of Economics

    PMS: Yellow 012
    CMYK (coated and uncoated): 0/0/100/0
    RGB: 255/215/0
    RAL: 1018 Zinc yellow

  • Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences - oranje

    Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

    PMS: 137C
    CMYK (coated): 0/45/100/0; CMYK (uncoated): 0/35/100/0
    RGB: 255/158/0
    RAL: 1028 Melon yellow
    HEX: #FF9E00

  • Erasmus School of Law - rood

    Erasmus School of Law

    PMS: 200C
    CMYK (coated): 5/100/70/15; CMYK (uncoated): 5/100/80/15
    RGB: 188/4/54
    RAL: 3020 Traffic red

  • Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management - paars

    Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

    PMS: 2602C
    CMYK (coated and uncoated): 65/100/0/0
    RGB: 128/26/153
    RAL: 4006 Traffic purple

  • Erasmus Medical Center - groen

    Erasmus MC

    PMS: 354C
    CMYK (coated): 82/0/90/5; CMYK (uncoated): 82/0/90/0
    RGB: 0/162/46
    RAL: 6038 Luminous green

  • Faculteit Wijsbegeerte - lichtblauw

    Erasmus School of Philosophy

    PMS: 2201C
    CMYK (coated): 86/0/13/0; CMYK (uncoated) 90/0/20/0
    RGB: 0/180/210
    RAL: 5012 Light blue

  • Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication - blauw

    Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

    PMS: 285C
    CMYK (coated): 100/48/0/0; CMYK (uncoated): 100/38/0/0
    RGB: 0/110/195
    RAL: 5017 Traffic blue
    HEX: #006EC3

  • Rotterdam School of Management -blauw

    Rotterdam School of Management

    PMS: 282C
    CMYK (coated): 100/90/13/68; CMYK (uncoated): 100/90/0/40
    RGB: 17/12/58
    RAL: 5026 Pearl night blue
    HEX: #171C54

  • Erasmus University College - oranje

    Erasmus University College

    PMS: 165C
    CMYK (coated): 0/75/90/0; CMYK (uncoated): 0/70/100/0
    RGB: 252/103/27
    RAL: 2003 Pastel orange
    HEX: #FC671B

  • ISS - grijs

    International Institute of Social Studies


    CMYK: 7/5/5/7
    PMS: Cool Gray 3
    RGB: 227/227/227

  • ISS - rood

    International Institute of Social Studies


    CMYK: 0/94/94/6
    PMS: 1797 
    RGB: 218/34/29