Visual language

Visual language that fosters coherence

All entities that are part of Erasmus University Rotterdam and that may use the corporate identity must use the visual language. In terms of the brand model, this matter concerns the brand and sub-brands in categories 1 and 2. Sub-brands in category 3, which provides greater scope in terms of corporate identity, therefore do not use this building block.

Unique sets of shapes that can readily be used

A comprehensive set of corporate shapes is available. In addition, organisational units that adhere to a derived corporate identity each have their own, unique set of shapes. They may also use the corporate set of shapes, provided that the colours are changed appropriately.
Click here for the corporate set of shapes and the secondary set of shapes.

Custom-made shapes

As an exception, it is possible to have new shapes made if required by the format or the message. These shapes are created by Fabrique or one of the preferred suppliers (PSLs). In addition, these shapes are always submitted to the brand committee for approval and may only be used after they have been expressly approved. Click here for more information about custom-made shapes.