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We only portray people with a certain attitude: confident people, who are strongly motivated and who look down-to-earth. The photography needs to feel honest and be clear.

Key values are:

  • Ambitious, confident, with guts
  • Honest (clear, without frills)
  • Down-to-earth
  • Cheerful, sensitive and friendly

Photography guidelines

Look and posture

Ambitious people have guts. We show this by making sure the model looks straight into the camera. The person is not hiding, is fully aware of the camera and connects with the viewer.

  • Person looks straight into the camera
  • A confident look and posture (never arrogant)
  • Posture is rather active (not leaning backwards, no hands in pockets)
  • Natural posture (never uncomfortable)
  • Honest attitude (never arrogant)
  • A smile is natural, never fake
  • Face is sharp and recognizable


  • Show the person in a fitting work- or study environment
  • The setting may also be connected to the subject of the photo. For example, in case the person researches the Port of Rotterdam, the port can form the setting of the picture
  • The environment always looks realistic
  • Make sure the background is not too vibrant or distracting


Make sure the picture offers enough possibilities to change the composition/is big enough.

Show the campus, city and faculties

We like to show Erasmus University Rotterdam and all its aspects in a vibrant way. This means we never take pictures of buildings or hallways without students or employees. The university consists of its people.

  • The picture always shows people.
  • Those people should have a somewhat active posture (not leaning backwards, no hands in pockets).
  • The students have an honest and confident look and posture.
  • The picture has a vibrant, dynamic and young character, which is accomplished by the right composition and cut.

Just like we zoom in on Erasmus’ signature, we also zoom in on relevant images. It feels like we are doing research and are very close to the subject. This type of ‘close up-photography’ can be used for covers, supplementary sheets and for inspirational or informative purposes.

Fotografie richtlijnen, close ups
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Branding alliance

'Make it Happen' represents the joint pay-off of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Authority, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners. This branding partnership was initiated to put Rotterdam even more firmly on the map, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

Within the scope of the branding alliance, the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit was created. This database offers free photos, texts, video, facts & figures about Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Make sure to address the following when using the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit materials:

  • Pay attention to the difference between editorial and royalty free images.
  • Always indicate the name of the Copyright Holder(s).
  • The message creates a positive image for the city of Rotterdam as a tourist and/or business destination.

The Rotterdam Image Bank

Looking for free content about Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam?

Markthal Rotterdam

Photos and videos of Rotterdam

Looking for Rotterdam images or videos?

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