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  • Co-creation and Stakeholder Engagement

    How can organisations use co-creation to strengthen relationships with stakeholder groups? 
  • Communication with Power and Impact for Women

    Understand and master the effects of body language and tone to increase your power and influence through communication.
  • Corporate Branding

    Learn how to lead the building process for a strong and enduring corporate brand that gives focus to the entire organisation, and aligns its diverse…
  • Corporate Responsibility

    How can you align corporate responsibility with your companies’ business purpose, the values of stakeholders, and the needs of the communities in which you...
  • Crisis Communication

    Investigate all aspects of crisis communication for managers. You will learn specific tools on how to deal with employees, customers and the media to apply…
  • Digital Analytics and Customer Insights

    Learn about data management methods, tools and strategies to optimise performance and business intelligence.
  • Digital Communication

    Investigate the transformation that technology has brought to the field of corporate communication, and how you can make effective use of it.
  • Digital Innovation

    Respond to change driven by digital disruption by leveraging fundamental digital technologies and turning them into concrete business opportunities.
  • Digital Leadership and Change

    Develop the critical skills and responsibilities needed to adapt team and organisational capabilities to effectively integrate digital transformations.
  • Digital Strategy

    Confidently assess the dynamics of the digital landscape, and formulate a sound strategic response.

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