European Master in Health Economics and Management

The Eu-HEM programme offers excellence in health economics and management, and is taught by four top European universities in this field:

  •     Management Center Innsbruck
  •     Erasmus University Rotterdam
  •     University of Bologna
  •     University of Oslo

Based on international research, we equip you to take on challenges in healthcare and prepare you for a successful international career.

Learning Outcomes

During the Eu-HEM programme, students will develop competences and expertise in the fields of health economics, healthcare management, health policy, and health law and regulation. Students will also acquire skills in essential analytical methods.

Eu-HEM prepares students for roles as staff and executive positions in organisations, institutions and companies related to the global healthcare market. A key to the fulfilment of a steady job in this sector is awareness of the societal relevance of healthcare and the constraints imposed by social rules, regulations and the law.

The following overall intended learning outcomes are defined for the Eu-HEM programme as a whole:

  • Students can apply the relevant methodological and analytical skills to share scientific and technical knowledge with health policy and healthcare organisations.
  • Students can apply the advanced and practical skills in the field of health economics and management in health policy, businesses and healthcare organisations.
  • Students can develop an interdisciplinary understanding of challenges in healthcare policy and management.
  • Students fulfil the academic and methodological requirements for a PhD programme in the field of health economics and management.

Programme structure

Eu-HEM is a full-time two-year programme. The programme offers both a multidisciplinary approach as well as the opportunity to specialise within your field of interest. Learning activities are organised in four semesters, for 120 credits in total. All students follow their first semester at the University of Bologna. Where you follow the rest of the semesters depends on the track specialization you choose. More information see: During your studies.

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