Media studies

Why study Pre-master Media Studies

Bridging the knowledge gap

During the pre-master's programme, you will enrol in selected courses at the undergraduate level. You will become acquainted with key concepts and approaches in media and communication studies and the social siences. After a successful completion of one of the pre-masters, you will have all the knowledge you will need to meet the requirements of the corresponding Master in Media Studies ( Media & Business, Media & Creative Industries or Media, Culture & Society programme). Students who successfully finished the Pre-Master's will have direct access to the corresponding master programme.

Developing analytical and research skills

You will be educated as an academic professional in the pre-master's programme. You will train your academic skills and learn how to make a critical analysis of current issues and development in the field of media and communication. In addition, you will practice writing essays and learn the fine arts of conducting social scientific research. At the end of the pre-master's year, you can put your newly gained research skills and knowledge to good use when you write your final paper, a bachelor’s thesis. 

Why study a Master in Media Studies in Rotterdam?

  • Participate in an interactive programme where the combination between theory and practice will train you to develop a vision on the social, economic and cultural aspects of media;

  • You gain up-to-date knowledge about production, distribution, and the reception of media on- and offline;

  • Intensive training in analysing the complex developments in the media sector and translating the fast changing media world from research to practice. 

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