NTD Modelling Consortium

The Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Modelling Consortium is a large international effort, involving teams from Erasmus MC and other renown modelling groups in the UK and USA. The consortium is well embedded in international stakeholder coalitions, ensuring that key modelling results are rapidly communicated to and taken up by intended end users to change interventions were needed.

Reduce disease burden

Erasmus MC’s modellers work on a number of NTDs specifically, namely onchocerciasis (“river blindness”), lymphatic filariasis, soil-transmitted helminthiasis, visceral leishmaniasis (“kala azar”), and (previously) leprosy. The World Health Organization has set ambitious targets for eliminating much of the burden of these and other NTDs, inspiring global action to reduce their disease burden. The NTD Modelling Consortium was set up to help evaluate the impact of current programmes and adjust policies to improve future effectiveness. The modellers are challenged to define what needs to be done to sustain the achievements from recent interventions, which is an important question for under-resourced countries and intervention programmes.


Principal Investigator

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Prof. Sake de Vlas (Erasmus MC – Public Health)

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