Terms of employment

The terms of employment of Erasmus University Rotterdam are mainly regulated in the Collective Agreement Dutch Universities (CAO-NU). In addition, specific agreements and regulations apply within Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

The salaries at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) have been set nationally, and are part of the CAO Dutch Universities. On the basis of the University System of Position Categorisation (UFO), you have been categorised in a position profile and level.
Additional days off
If you work at EUR, you usually have more days off than the set 20 days annually. With the regulation Flexible Working time, you may earn additional leave hours.
Training and schooling
We offer a lot of opportunities to develop your talents. For example, we have our own training platform, you receive development days, and there is budget for supplemental courses.
Holiday- and year-end allowance
As an employee you arn an annual holiday allowance (8% of your gross income) and an end-year allowance (8.3% of your gross income).
Work-life balance
Because life does not only consist of work, you also receive the oppertunity to keep a healthy work-life balance. For example, we offer work-life balance coaching, but also supplemental leave for parents or informal caregivers.
Commuting allowance
Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) reimburses the reccuring commuting costs of its employees.
Collective Health insurance
Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has established collective contracts with a number of health insurance companies, enabling you to purchase health insurance with favourable terms.
Healthy at work
Being and remaining healthy is important to keep having fun at your job. Therefore, you can sport at a reduced rate, and receive coaching for certain conditions.

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