Terms and conditions


  • Participant’s registration is considered final when TOP receives a completely filled in and signed registration form, and participation is confirmed per email.
  • By signing the registration form participant agrees with the cancellation policy as described below.


  • Cancellation of a participant’s training is possible only after a written cancellation notice via top@eur.nl
  • In case of late cancellation (within three weeks prior to the start of the training) 50% of the participation fee will be charged.
  • If unable to attend, a participant can be replaced by a colleague, in case TOP had been notified about it by mail prior to the training.
  • When a participant is prevented from attending a training, it is possible to once-only postpone one’s participation till the next edition of the training. TOP cannot guarantee that the training will actually take place or will remain unmodified.
  • If one is hindered to join a training, it is possible to be replaced by a colleague.
  • In case the circumstances require it or there are not enough registrations, TOP can cancel a training. The participants will be notified about it in due time, but no later than 1 week prior to the start of the training. Naturally, in case of cancelation by TOP no participation fees will be charged.