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Career Week 2022 | 7-11 November

Join one of the many free workshops for both Professional Services and Academic Staff!

Starting dateTrainingTarget groupOnline/OfflineLanguage
3 October 2022Timemanagement +WP/PSOfflineNL
3 October 2022HeartintelligenceWP/PSOfflineNL
3 October 2022Your Next StepWP/PSOfflineEN
4 October 2022Connecting while Communicating WP/PSOffline NL
4 October 2022Managing Professionals WP/PSOfflineNL
5 October 2022Prince2 Foundation WP/PSOnlineEN
6 October 2022Coaching SkillsWP/PSOfflineNL
6 October 2022Personal LeadershipWP/PSOfflineNL
10 October 2022Senior Leadership in AcademiaWPOfflineEN
10 October 2022Purposeful writing on the webWP/PSOfflineNL
13 October 2022A Healthy Dosis Courage WP/PSOfflineNL
25 October 2022Working from home/hybrid effectively and with pleasureWP/PSOnlineNL
3 November 2022Consultancy Skills WP/PSOfflineNL
3 November 2022Taking charge of my performance and developmentWP/PSOfflineEN
3 November 2022Managing performance and coaching on developmentWP/PSOfflineEN
3 November 2022Design Thinking FundamentalsWP/PSOfflineNL
3 November 2022How to increase your societal visibility as a researcherWPOffline/OnlineEN
4 November 2022How to deal with perfectionismWPOnlineEN
7 November 2022Start Career Week 2022WP/PSOffline/OnlineNL/EN
8 November 2022Managing your work life balanceWP/PSOfflineNL
10 November 2022LinkedinWP/PSOnlineNL
14 November 2022P&B Training: taking charge of my performance and developmentWP/PSOfflineNL
14 November 2022P&B Training: managing performance and coaching developmentWP/PSOfflineNL

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