Excel basics

This course is offered to you by Goodhabitz in the form of an e-learning. 

Would you like to learn how to work with Excel (more quickly and efficiently)? Have you not, as yet, really mastered the basic functions of Excel (well enough)? This training session will briefly introduce you to the basic elements of Excel. Furthermore, you will be able to bring practical questions to the training session, so that it ties in optimally with your work situation. Having completed the training session, you will have expanded your knowledge of Excel and will:

  • Understand how an interface works
  • Know how to set up and adapt a spreadsheet
  • Be able to enter data and formulas and make total calculations and
  • Be able to present the outcomes in clear graphs and diagrams
  • In short: you will have mastered the parts of Excel you need in your work. 

Practical information

Date:Whenever you have the time
Costs:€ Free for employees from the EUR

Module 1 - Excel at Excel

Excel was launched in 1985, and it’s had quite a number of make-overs since then. Dozens of features were added over the years. In this unit, you’ll learn what you can do with Excel 2016.

Module 2 - Know Your Way Around Excel 

So what are all the buttons for? And those bars at the top and bottom of the screen? You’ll find out in this unit, and you’ll do your first calculations!

Module 3 - Indispensable Formulas and Functions

How do you enter formulas in Excel using cell references or operators? What’s the Formula Builder for? And which are the most commonly used features? These (and more!) questions will be answered in this unit.

Module 4 - Get the Most Out of Your Data

Having all of your numbers, calculations and lists in a single file is great, but sometimes you have to visualize your data in order to be able to interpret it. Charts, tables and pivot tables will help you do just that.

Module 5 - Practice Makes Perfect

So what does it take to excel at Excel? Willem Gerritsen, the 2015 Excel World Championship runner-up, tells you everything you need to know. It boils down to lots and lots of practice. In this unit, you’ll get some useful final tips.

This hands-on training is intended for everyone who whishes to learn more about the basic functions of Excel. 

Excel 2013 for advanced users

If you are already familiar with Excel and simply want to broaden your knowledge of this programme, then you may be interested in the training session 'Excel 2013 for advanced users'. If you have any doubts about your level, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

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