Support for MTs

Working together to create a stronger organisation

A well functioning MT is important for a successful organization. In a team session for the MT, you work on a stronger connection and better cooperation.


  • Find a balance between targeting (long term) results and creating space to learn from and with each other so that you can continuously improve.
  • Create a strategic vision regarding substance and cooperation. 
  • Increase mutual trust, align interests. 
  • Strengthen shared leadership.


    • The MT has a clear idea about the future, the intention (why). 
    • The MT agrees about the way it manages (how) and about the results to be achieved (what). 
    • The MT members can conduct a constructive dialogue about obstacles preventing the achievement of goals and results.

    Based on an intake with several MT members, we determine the structure and the number of sessions.
    We prepare each session in consultation. 

    We study the problem or issues facing the MT from three perspectives:

    1. Managing a team
    2. Part of MT
    3. Personal perspective

    We openly discuss our expectations, images, ambitions and obstacles.

    External process consultant / team coach


    Price in consultation.

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