Team interventions
What can TOP mean for your team?

Team interventions

One of the important issues facing managers at EUR is how to communicate within and between teams to establish a deeper dialogue on cooperation and strategy. This is not always easy at EUR, where the focus tends to be more on the daily operations and less on the strategic dialogues required for a longer term perspective with regard to both results and cooperation.

Support for MTs
Create a strategic vision regarding substance and cooperation | Create a strategic vision regarding substance and cooperation | Strengthen shared leadership
Team development
An optimally functioning team | Teams are diverse, as are the issues facing teams internally | 
More insight into goals, results and more mutual trust
Cooperation across boundaries
Together with partners in the process, explore how you can create more connection and better cooperation
Team sessions for faculties
What is our common vision which gives both direction (and meaning) and scope for the subjects of the researchers? | How do we create a vision which connects internally and provides clarity externally?