Terms and conditions for invoices

To ensure the timely payment of invoices, suppliers of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) must state the correct details on their bills.

The pdf Invoice Conditions EUR (see Downloads) shows how suppliers should invoice the university in order to avoid unnecessary delay in the processing and settlement of their invoices.

Invoice conditions

Naturally, all invoices need to comply with all relevant legal conditions - see www.belastingdienst.nlOpens external [in Dutch].

To provide new suppliers with the full information on the invoicing conditions, simply include the PDF "Invoice Conditions" (available in Dutch and English) with your order (see Downloads).

The nine EUR invoice conditions:

  1. Quote the budget number on the invoice (and not in an attachment or cover e-mail)
  2. Type the budget number (budget numbers written in hand are not recognised by the software system)
  3. Insert no comments in the pdf (these are not recognised by the software system)
  4. The invoice/expense report and any attachments should be in pdf format (this file format is recognised by the system)
  5. Budget numbers should be written correctly (All eight digits together without spaces, points etc.)
  6. WBS numbers should be written correctly (After the first eight digits a point and then after every three digits a point, e.g. 12345678.123.123)
  7. The invoice should quote the correct name (The invoice should be addressed to Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  8. Correct e-mail address for invoices and expense claims: invoice.fis@eur.nl
  9. The correct e-mail address for questions and reminders: accounts.payable.fis@eur.nl

The accounts payable department can only accept invoices for processing that meet these 9 conditions.

  • Invoices need to be submitted as quickly as possible after delivery of the goods and services.
  • VAT exempt, 6% and 21% must be included separately.
  • If applicable, deductible and non-deductible VAT must be included separately.
  • A credit note must contain the same details as a debit note (just the debit note number does not suffice).
  • Invoicing must be done electronically, with invoices being mailed in PDF format toinvoice.fis@eur.nl
  • Each invoice must be submitted individually in a separate PDF file.
  • Invoices must only be sent once (i.e., not electronically as well as by post).
  • Submit credit invoices and new debit notes separately.

What should a supplier never do?

  • Accept an order or send an invoice without having received an EUR budget number and name of the requesting organisational unit.
  • Without consulting the requester, make use of an EUR budget number issued with a previous order.
  • Submit an invoice which relates to more than one EUR budget number (unless this is contractually agreed in advance).
  • Submit summary invoices (unless you this is contractually agreed in advance).
  • Stipulate prices, quantities, or descriptions which differ from those on the order.
  • Submit invoices which exceed the total order value.
  • Offset debit and credit invoices against each other (without agreeing this in advance).

Additional information

In case of questions, suppliers can contact Erasmus University Rotterdam / Accounts Payable, +31 10 408 8010, accounts.payable.fis@eur.nl.
Electronic invoices should be mailed exclusively to invoice.fis@eur.nl (PDF's only).