Integrate and embed diversity in research

Erasmus University promotes more diversity within academic research. We are highly aware that research teams made up of diverse members and research applications where diversity has a central role have considerable added value. Innovation, cooperation and leading edge research receive a positive boost when diversity is in evidence.

Diversity is quickly becoming a more significant theme within academic scholarship. For example, diversity is a required element in the submission of research applications for European grant funding (Horizon 2020) – diversity both within the research team as well as in the content of the research proposal.

  • EUR collaborates with Leiden University and the VU Amsterdam in researching the effectiveness of educational interventions in the area of diversity. This is one of the priorities of the Taskforce Diversity.
  • Much research into diversity and integration has been done already. Well-established players in this field are the Centre for Public Human Resources and Change of Erasmus University's Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Knowledge Platform Integration & Society.
  • For more information on research subsidies and the valorisation of scientific research in general you can go to the Erasmus Centre for Valorisation.     

Research about gender, ethnicity, diversity and inclusion

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