Studying Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access

IDEA in Research

Erasmus University promotes more diversity within academic research. We are highly aware that research teams made up of diverse members and research applications where diversity has a central role have considerable added value. Innovation, cooperation and leading-edge research receive a positive boost when diversity is in evidence.

Integrate and embed diversity in research

Diversity is quickly becoming a more significant theme within academic scholarship. For example, diversity is a required element in the submission of research applications for European grant funding (Horizon 2020) – diversity both within the research team as well as in the content of the research proposal. For more information about our best practices and other material to produce more inclusive research teams and core research itself please contact our Research and Monitoring Team.

Research about gender, ethnicity, diversity and inclusion

Equality in a super diverse classroom - Iliass El Hadioui

Ethnic marketing: one size does not fit all

What Makes Them Tick? Alex van Stipriaan about the colonial past of the Caribean

Renske Keizer: Contributing to extend paternity leave in The Netherlands

Tell the Full Story of Colonialism

Alex van Stipriaan researches methods used in secondary-education history teaching.

Alex Stripriaan

On the cancer-research institute Oncode and the importance of equality in the sciences

Hoe diverse is Oncode?

Joost Gribnau

Mobilizing sounds: ethnic boundaries, bridges and music

European Music festivals: public spaces and cultural diversity

Research about diversity in the Erasmus Initiatives

  • Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity

    The Erasmus Initiative ‘Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity’ researches how as many people as possible can benefit from increasing prosperity.
  • Vital Cities and Citizens

    How can a city give space to diversity and make citizens feel like they belong? How do residents deal with changes within their environment? What role does…

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