Governance of Migration and Diversity

Career opportunities for Master Governance of Migration and Diversity - Sociology

This Master’s programme in sociology provides insights, tools and competences that can be applied to sociological problems found anywhere in the modern world.

After the completion of this specialisation you will be an expert in migration and diversity which will give you the possibility to work in various positions. You will be able to identify and analyse social issues related to migration and diversity. Furthermore, you are able to provide advice on these problems.

During this Master’s programme you will:

  • Develop a multidisciplinary understanding of migration and diversity from various perspectives, including history, development studies, sociology, public administration and urbanism;
  • Acquire a methodological understanding in order to study migration and diversity and to collect and process data in a scientific manner and clearly communicate your findings;
  • Learn to better understand the governance implications of migration and diversity at the local (urban), regional, national as well as European and international level;
  • Obtain professional skills in terms of designing strategies for the management of migration and diversity at the policy level.  

Career opportunities

Graduates of this specialisation will be suitable candidates for positions in governmental organisations (policy-makers, policy advisors, lobbyists) and organisations in civil society (e.g. unions, political parties, research institutes) on the local, national or international level. For example graduates of this programme currently work as integration advisors at local governments or as project assistants at e.g. IOM.

Pursuing an academic career?

If you want to proceed with advanced, research-oriented education in the field of sociology you can apply for our Research Master in the Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts. Conducting research is the central element of this programme. You will receive valuable training which prepares you to apply for a PhD position.