Use for Society

Research projects on the creative industries often revolve around people and are aimed at benefiting society. It is becoming increasingly important to bridge the gap between research and society. On this page, you will read more about the ways in which researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam are impacting society with their projects on the creative industries, such as cultural heritage, fashion and music.

Briggate in Leeds 1990 and 2013

Online Urban Heritage

On the Internet, we can find many initiatives focused on the heritage of cities. Such participatory heritage websites give access to the past of cities and enhance the public’s engagement with urban heritage. Dr Arno van der Hoeven studies how these participatory heritage websites are used, examine their sociocultural impact, and explores under which conditions they work best. 

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Coach Potatoe

The cultural non-visitor

A lot of information is available on the topic of different kinds of cultural visitors. However, rarely any information is available on the so called ‘cultural non-visitor’. As a result, the question to form an image of the non-visitor emerged from the Dutch parliament. This report by Prof. Koen van Eijck and Prof. Evert Bisschop-Boele provides an overview of research about cultural participation, and identifies the least active cultural particpants in the Dutch society; the so called cultural non-visitors.

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The Fogland Game

Most intervention programmes still focus on the negative outcomes smoking has, but do not attack the main reasons why someone started and keeps on smoking, like social aspects and stress reduction. In order to help smokers to quit, a serious game was developed in which positive effects of smoking are constantly attacked, playing the game helps to distract from craving the stress and other ways to deal with stress and social aspects besides smoking are taught.


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POPLIVE and Where Music Meets Research

Dr Erik Hitters, Dr Martijn Mulder, Rick Everts, Dr Pauwke Berkers and Alina Pavlova present their research (POPLIVE and Where Music Meets Research) at a music industry conference during the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival. They discussed their projects together with their partners: the Popcoalitie, POPnl, MOJO concerts, and VNP.

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Sustainability in the fashion industry

Dr Mariangela Lavanga, assistent professor Cultural Economics at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies, speaks her mind about the constant battle for sustainability in the fashion industry. Read the article in the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

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Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries

The main research question of the 'Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries' (CICI) is how cultures of innovation develop in co-located creative industries. 

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