About Creative Industries

Research and education on one of the fastest growing sectors in Holland

The Creative Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Dutch economy. Since 2012 the Dutch government assigned the creative industries the label ‘top sector’: ‘an area where the Dutch business community and research centers globally excel’. Creative Industries covers a wide range of branches such as film, music, architecture, fashion, gaming, design, and new media. With the instalment of nine top sectors a governmental attempt is made at cross sector collaboration, in order to develop innovations to address larger societal issues. Contemporary challenges are for example environmental issues and making the Dutch health care system future proof. Also the European Union acknowledges the innovative role the creative industry fulfils in providing developments for cross disciplinary topics.

Research on Creative Industries

Within Erasmus University Rotterdam, several scholars position themselves through their research in the area of creative industries. The research section illustrates and illuminates ongoing projects, but also serves as a reference work for previous research projects. Publications are added under the projects, or can be found assembled under ‘publications’.

Rotterdam and Creative Industries

When it comes to the creative industries Rotterdam proves to be a city full of creative entrepreneurs and initiatives, the city also attracts a steady influx of national and international students pursuing education and careers in the creative industries. Thus, Erasmus University Rotterdam is a key stakeholder in this narrative by being home to a vast amount of (international) researchers and research projects that are related to many branches of the creative industries. Also, the city of Rotterdam joined the Global Network of Resilient Cities in 2016, an assembly of 100 cities worldwide uniting in knowledge and experience exchange in order to enhance urban resilience.

The creative industries website aims to fulfil a role in being a central hub of all this research and gives an overview of the researchers involved, past, future and current research and related events, funding calls and collaboration possibilities.

“A rich cultural scene improves quality of life and helps create a city in which a diverse population can feel at home.”

Vital Cities and Citizens

The research in the field of creative industries is closely linked to the Erasmus Initiative 'Vital Cities and Citizens'. With this initiative, Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to help improve the quality of life in cities. In vital cities, the population can achieve their life goals through education, useful work and participation in public life. The vital city is a platform for creativity and diversity, a safe meeting place for different social groups.

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