Blended course ‘Science in Progress III’ (ESPhil)

  • Requester and project leader ESPhil: Tim de Mey

  • Project manager CLI: Romy van Leeuwen (Risbo)

Development of a MOOC and blended course called Philosophy of Science 3

Philosophy of Science 3 is a new course in the curriculum of both Philosophy students and double bachelor students. The course relies on the available time for reflection, interaction and practice. And that requires students to enter the classroom with the necessary foreknowledge by being informed before contact hours, and secondly it needs students to be triggered to look at complex, realistic problems from multiple angles and solve these through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The course exists of an activating blended course, with online lectures, partially based on the raw material from the VPRO series The Mind of the Universe. The online lectures will be available on YouTube for our students and for the broader public. Given the interdisciplinary character it is to be expected that colleagues from other disciplines will also be interested in this course.


The course aims to teach the students (1) what critical creative reason means in both their own discipline and other disciplines, (2) how to define a problem, splitting it in subproblems and solving it based on heuristics, and (3) how interdisciplinarity enables and encourages critical creative scientific problem solving.


When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published.  

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