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What is the Knowledge Platform for Inclusive Education?

The knowledge platform is meant to inspire you as an educator, by providing comprehensible information about the various tools and trainings, that you can implement or bring into your learning space for yourself and your students, to be able to create an inclusive learning environment. It is structured on four pillars which outline the four main areas of focus in practicing inclusive education: Community BuildingConnective CommunicationCritical Self-Reflection, and Contextualization of Knowledge. Underneath each of the pillars are several resources (what we call toolboxes) focusing on more practical and specific interventions.

Inclusive education refers to an educational system that is designed to accommodate (and respond to) all students by providing equal access to education, promoting equal participation, and foster a sense of belonging, regardless of the student’s backgrounds, abilities, or other factors. Inclusive education considers the full spectrum of student diversity to create policies, curricula, and learning environments that are flexible and responsive to the needs of all learners and foster a sense of belonging and community among students from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive education is not just about the presence of diversity within an educational institution, but about transforming the institution so that it works for all members of the community through a continuous effort to identify and remove barriers to learning and participation, and by acknowledging and incorporating the diversity of experiences and perspectives in the classroom.

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The Inclusive Education Dilemma Game is created by IDEA Center of our university and aims to initiate discussions among participants about issues related to inclusive education, and to help them find solutions together.

Experience the game

Overview of all toolboxes

Community Building

Fostering a sense of belonging

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Connective Communication

Cultivating respectful and empathetic interactions

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Contextualization of Knowledge

Considering the origins of how and what we teach

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Critical Self Reflection

Discern oneself from others through personal and professional reflection

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Equity Tools for Diverse Groups

Towards an education that benefits all, equally!

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

More about equity, diversity and inclusion at EUR

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Inclusive Education

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