Onderwijsroute HBO/WO

Dutch NT2 - Language & Training Centre (2017)

The Language & Training Centre (Erasmus University) is responsible for the HBO/WO Onderwijsroute, that forms part of the new Civic Integration Act 2021.

Current NT2 courses

The current NT2 courses that prepare students for the State exam are no longer available. We will complete the courses that have already started, but we will no longer accept new students.

Registration for these NT2 courses is now closed.

However, we still offer evening Dutch courses, but please note: the evening courses CANNOT be paid for with a DUO loan (intended for Civic Integration).

Who is the HBO/WO Onderwijsroute for?

The Onderwijsroute HBO/WO is for newcomers (status holders) who will start integrating from 1 January 2022 and who want to continue their studies in Dutch vocational education or university education after integration.

Do you meet these conditions? Contact your municipality for more information about possible participation. Registration for the Onderwijsroute HBO/WO program is done through the municipality.

Not sure which integration program applies to you? Then this step-by-step plan  might help. See here   for more information about the new Civic Integration Act 2021.

You can you follow the Onderwijsroute HBO/WO if:

  • You fall under the new Civic Integration Act 2021;
  • you are a newcomer and live in the municipality of Rotterdam (or a regional municipality);
  • you have had an intake at the municipality;
  • you have registered with us, and the outcome of the LTC intake shows that the Onderwijsroute HBO/WO is the most suitable program for you.

If you fall under the old Civic Integration Act 2013 and you are looking for a language school where you can take NT2 lessons, then take a look at this site.


If you have any questions regarding the above information about the Onderwijsroute HBO/WO, please ask your contact person at the municipality. You can also send us a question at onderwijsroute@eur.nl.

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