Tackling Inequalities

Do you want to understand the dynamics and dimensions of social inequality? Does working with students from different academic disciplines and backgrounds excite you? Are you interested in finding out how digitalization of government, economies and health care negatively impacts particular urban residents and communities? And are you passionate about tackling such inequalities in Rotterdam, through designing and producing actual interventions? Then apply for this year’s Master Honours Programme Tackling Inequalities

Tackling Inequalities is the official multidisciplinary, international Honours Programme for Master students at EUR. The Programme is brought to you by the Erasmus Initiatives, in association with our partners, A.A. Van Beek Fonds and Impact at the Core. Students who successfully complete this extra-merit Programme (equivalent of 15 EC) receive a special certificate, signed by the Rector Magnificus. 

Tackling Inequalities offers selected Master students an exclusive interdisciplinary opportunity to research diverse inequalities and to use academic knowledge to give visibility to and address inequalities in Rotterdam.

This year’s edition explores the kinds of inequalities that are produced or exacerbated in the digital society. For example, (how) are citizens’ rights protected and their voices heard when urban government works with technology companies or relies on algorithms to run the city? What are the consequences for workers and residents in the digital platform or “gig” economy of Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo and Amazon? Do the digital innovations in health care and health policy really lead to better and more equitable access to health? 

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