Arts and Culture Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts and Culture Studies

In the International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies you gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the world of arts and culture. In other words: you learn how the world of arts and culture is organised, by studying cultural policies, forms of art education, art markets, audiences and creative industries and entrepreneurship.

Why study International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam?

If you are driven by an academic curiosity about the arts, creative industries or economics; if you want to develop original and well-founded ideas about how to produce, sustain and disseminate culture; and if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with your fellow international students, then the International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies is the programme for you.

As an IBACS student, you approach art and culture from different angles, such as sociology and economy. This helps you to answer questions such as 'How has the Internet affected the distribution of art?', 'When do we call something 'kitsch'?' or 'How do cultural policies come into being?'

Besides building a theoretical foundation, you will also put your broad knowledge about the arts and culture into practice during the compulsory internship. The IBACS programme is connected to many cultural institutions in and outside of Rotterdam: your future professional network.

And did you know that you can also combine IBACS with a programme at the Willem de Kooning Academy or Codarts? The Double Degree RASL is perfect for those who want to simultaneously practice and study the arts. 

Bente Luteke

"You'll be able to discuss, debate and share existing knowledge as well as learn new things from people from all over the world."

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Sebastian Townsend-Burke

"In Rotterdam it is easy to see that the concepts discussed in text books are more than just words on a page."

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Tamara Hofman

"What I particularly like about IBACS is that you can personalize it as you like."

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