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The corporate logo of Erasmus University Rotterdam consists of two elements, a figurative mark and a word mark. These are not to be used separately, however under some circumstances it might not be possible to use both of these elements:

  • The medium on which you want to place the logo does not offer sufficient space to place the figurative mark and the word mark according to the house style guidelines;
  • There is a collaboration with several other parties, which requires the placement of multiple logos on the medium;
  • An external party is referring to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

If this is the case, you can use the endorsement logo. If you are not sure how to use this logo correctly, feel free to send an email to huisstijl@eur.nl.

You can download the logos below. The password is: logo.

Preview of the logos


    Corporate endorsement logo full colour

    Endorsement logo Erasmus University Rotterdam full colour

    Corporate endorsement logo black

    Endorsement logo Erasmus University Rotterdam black

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