Corporate logo

The corporate logo is used on institution-wide communication resources or on the material of, for example, Erasmus University Rotterdam's corporate services (shared service centres and corporate services departments), the University Library or the Executive Board.

Marketing & Communications


The corporate logo consists of a figurative mark and a word mark. These are always used together.

The figurative mark consists of the signature of Erasmus. The word mark consists of the university's full name. Use of the tagline ‘Making Minds Matter' is optional. The tagline must always be placed directly below the word mark and must therefore never be displayed on its own.

Margins & Bounding Box

Corporate word mark

The word mark fits within 1x5 squares, with one square margins on the left and below. The width x height of the word mark with bounding box is thereby always 7 x 3 squares. The word mark is aligned at the bottom of the page and on 100% size, it is 84 mm (width) x 36 mm (height).

Corporate figurative mark

The figurative mark fits within 1x3 squares, with one square margins around it. The width x height of the figurative mark with bounding box is thereby always 5 x 3 squares. The corporate figurative mark is always 60 mm (width) and 36 mm (height) on its 100% size. 


The figurative mark is always in the bottom right corner like a signature at the end of a letter. The word mark is in the bottom left corner. The space between the figurative mark and the word mark is variable and depends on the width of the carrier.

If the resource is not wide enough to place the figurative mark and the word mark next to each other, we place the ‘stacked' variant of the word mark in the top left corner. The figurative mark remains in the bottom right corner.

Marketing & Communications

Size and use

The logo was specifically developed for a certain size. This size makes what we refer to as 100% use possible. In the context of 100% use, the height of the logo, including the bounding box, is 36 mm. The size of the logo has been determined for printing up to A3 format. This means that, in some cases, the scale of the 100% logo must be increased or reduced. 
A6 = 70% use 
A5 = 80% use
A4 = 100% use 
A3 = 175% use

Marketing & Communications


The corporate logo is dark green. We refer to this version as the positive variant. We refer to the white logo as the diapositive variant. We use this variant when the background of the logo does not provide sufficient contrast. The tagline is bright green when the positive variant is used. The tagline is white when the diapositive variant is used.

Students are listening to lecture.
Example of a lustrumtag

Lustrumtag & promotion guidelines

Are you making videos for social media, the website or the intranet (MyEUR) about lustrum? Go to SurfDrive to download the elements (password: lustrum2023).

Are you going to organise a lustrum event? Download the promotion guideline underneath.

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