Secondary logo

The Erasmus University, Rotterdam Campus


The secondary word mark is always in the top left corner and is always used in combination with the corporate logo. It is therefore never displayed on its own.

If the resource is not wide enough to place the figurative mark and the word mark next to each other, the corporate word mark is not used. The figurative mark/signature of Erasmus remains in the bottom right corner and the secondary logo is used in the top left corner.

The lower the height of the communication, the closer together these two elements are placed.

Marketing & Communications

Size and use

The logo was specifically developed for a certain size. This size makes what we refer to as 100% use possible. In the context of 100% use, the height of the logo, including the bounding box, is 36 mm.

The size of the logo has been determined for printing up to A3 format. This means that, in some cases, the scale of the 100% logo must be increased or reduced. 
A6 = 70% use 
A5 = 80% use
A4 = 100% use 
A3 = 175% use

Faculty colours
Marketing & Communications


We use the secondary word mark or logo in the appropriate secondary colour. The colour in the case of the Institute of Health Policy and Management is purple, for example. We refer to this version as the positive variant. For corporate communication means, use the colours as indicated on the page 'Corporate logo'.

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