Onvoldoende contrast

Insufficient contrast

When placing the logo, make sure that there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background. In addition, make sure that the figurative mark, word mark and tagline are easily readable.

Typografische verandering

Typographic change

A typographic change, such as modifying the font of the word mark, for example, may not be made to the logo. The logo and/or tagline may also not be translated into Dutch.



The logo must always be placed in the correct format. See also the logo guidelines.

Aanpassen kleurencombinatie

Modifying the colour combination

The colours of the logo in terms of both the word mark and/or signature may not be changed and different word marks may not be used.



A shadow or different kind of effect may not be placed under the logo.

Plaatsing logo

Placing of a logo

The logos have fixed places. These places may not be deviated from. See also the logo guidelines.