Researchers on Race and Ethnicity

Racial and ethnic inequalities are a significant issue within society as a whole. Racial inequalities are not necessarily overt, isolated incidents. Racism is an everyday facet of society, and racial inequalities manifest themselves in everyday situations, processes and behaviours. Here, you can find an overview of all the researchers at the Erasmus University Rotterdam who conduct academic research relating to Race and Ethnicity.

  • dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

    The underlying concern of her teaching and research is an understanding of the conditions for democratic communication and social justice against a backdrop of…
    dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit
  • prof.dr. (Pauwke) PPL Berkers

    Pauwke Berkers is full professor Sociology of Popular Music, specifically in relation to Inclusion, Well-Being, and Resilience in the Department of Arts and…
    prof.dr. (Pauwke) PPL Berkers
  • dr. (Warda) W Belabas

    dr. (Warda) W Belabas
  • (Willemijn) WE Bezemer - Huizinga, MA

    Willemijn Bezemer is a PhD candidate at the department of Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her reseach is titled 'In search of trust:…
    (Willemijn) WE Bezemer - Huizinga, MA
  • prof.dr. (Jack) JPL Burgers

    Jack Burgers is a sociologist and professor of urban studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He lectured at the Universities of Tilburg and Utrecht, and at…
    prof.dr. (Jack) JPL Burgers
  • prof.dr. (Jaco) JM Dagevos

    prof.dr. (Jaco) JM Dagevos
  • prof.dr. (Catharina) CM Fokkema

    See personal page at NIDI      
    prof.dr. (Catharina) CM Fokkema
  • prof.dr. (Willem) W de Koster

    As a cultural sociologist, I aim to rigorously scrutinize how social groups give meaning to social issues, how this informs their actions and how it shapes…
    prof.dr. (Willem) W de Koster
  • dr. (Arjen) AS Leerkes

    I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology and a Full Professor of Migration, Securitzation and Social…
    dr. (Arjen) AS Leerkes
  • dr. (Julian) JCF Schaap

    Julian Schaap (Rotterdam, 1988) is assistant professor sociology of music at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. His research focuses on stratification…
    dr. (Julian) JCF Schaap
  • prof.dr. (Richard) RHJM Staring

    prof.dr. (Richard) RHJM Staring
  • prof.dr. (Jacco) JC van Sterkenburg

    Jacco van Sterkenburg works as an Endowed Professor " 'Race' , Inclusion and Communication, specifically in relation to Football and Media" in the Department of…
    prof.dr. (Jacco) JC van Sterkenburg
  • prof.dr. (Alex) AA van Stipriaan Luiscius

    Alex van Stipriaan Luïscius (Gent (B), 1954). Most people know me as Alex van Stipriaan only, which is also my author’s name. I am professor emeritus of…
    prof.dr. (Alex) AA van Stipriaan Luiscius

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