PhD Candidates

Of Creative Industries
  • Boross MA, B. (Balázs)

    Balázs Boross is a PhD candidate at the Department of Arts & Culture Studies. His project investigates tv productions as participatory spaces and the ways social groups use traditional forms of media publicity to create order and meaning.

  • Dalla Chiesa MSc, C. (Carolina)

    Carolina Dalla Chiesa (1987) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Arts and Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a project on Crowdfunding for Cultural and Creative Industries by comparing different sectors within crowdfunding markets.

    Portrait Carolina Dalla Chiesa (Square)
  • Everts MSc, R.A. (Rick)

    Rick Everts is a PhD candidate at ERMeCC. His research is part of the NWO-funded project Staging popular music (POPLIVE) and focuses on the role of live music ecologies in the careers of pop musicians by looking at the different actors involved.

    Roy Borghouts
  • Hammana MSc, Z. (Zouhair)

    Zouhair Hammana (1990) is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture. He studies cultural literacy in everyday urban life under the supervision of prof. dr. Susanne Janssen and dr. Marc Verboord.

    Zouhair Hammana
  • Janssens MA, A. (Alice)

    Alice Janssens is a PhD candidate at the Department of History. Her research focuses on Berlin as a fashion capital during the Interwar period. Translating between business and economic history, urban economics, cultural and political perspectives.

    Janssens, Alice
    Roy Borghouts
  • Klijnhout MSc, K. (Karen)

    Karen Klijnhout is  a PhD candidate at ERMeCC. Her PhD research focuses on the impact of cultural diversity on urban cultural organisations. It is supervised by prof. dr. Susanne Janssen, dr. Isabel Awad and dr. Marc Verboord.

    Roy Borghouts
  • Koreman MSc, R.C.W. (Rian)

    Rian Koreman (1986) is a PhD-lecturer in the Department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University. She has been working on the NWO-funded project: Constructing Cultural Authority under supervision of prof.dr. Janssen and dr. Verboord.

    Roy Borghouts
  • Mols MSc, A.E. (Anouk)

    Anouk Mols is a PhD candidate at the Department of Media & Communication. Under supervision of Dr Jason Pridmore and Prof. Susanne Janssen, she studies how users of mobile technologies develop mental models of privacy.

    Roy Borghouts
  • Nieuwland, S. (Shirley)

    Shirley Nieuwland is a PhD candidate at the Arts and Culture Department. Her research project focuses on exploring sustainable urban tourism models in post-industrial cities that have seen a recent growth in tourism, like Rotterdam and Valencia. The project is supervised by Dr Mariangela Lavanga and Prof. Filip Vermeylen. She also founded Paradise Found, a website that is all about responsible travelling. This does not only involve being conscious about environmental sustainability, it also makes you think about supporting the local culture and economy while travelling.

    Portrait of Shirley Nieuwland
  • Schaap MSc, J.C.F. (Julian)

    Julian Schaap is a PhD candidate in cultural sociology at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. His research focuses on social and cultural stratification on the basis of whiteness, race-ethnicity and gender in various cultural fields.

    Portrait Julian Schaap (Square)
  • Weij, MSc. F. (Frank)

    Frank Weij is a PhD candidate at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. His research is focused on the reception of art and artists by Western media platforms and media audiences. His PhD project focuses on geopolitics and art activism.

    Portrait Frank Weij (Square)
  • Wijngaarden MSc, Y.G.D. (Yosha)

    Yosha Wijngaarden is a PhD candidate at ERMeCC. Under supervision of Erik Hitters and Susanne Jansen, she studies how cultures of innovation develop in co-located creative industries and what the effects are of their co-location.

    Roy Borghouts

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