Where music connects us.
HeartBeat Festival

HeartBeat Festival

Our campus with different cultures and nationalities is the perfect place for meeting new people. During the 7th edition of the HeartBeat Festival, students and staff members came together to enjoy our festival vibes. On Thursday September 5th our campus was transformed into a festival area with food trucks, lounge areas, bars and most importantly: good music.

This year’s theme ‘Where music connects us’ inspired us to create a diverse line up of DJs and performing artists. With Hermes House Band, Diggy Dex, DJ Biggi, DJ Arsalan & DJ Yelle you’re assured to have an amazing time!

Aftermovie HeartBeat Festival 2019

An impression of HeartBeat Festival 2019


The festival was kicked off by a spectacular surprise act. There was a lot to do at the Erasmus Plaza. Visitors took their pictures with Mr. Erasmus or with their friends at our photo booth. For a true festival look they could visit eye painting artists. Daredevils went for a ride at our mechanical bull or got over their fear of heights in a virtual reality experience.

Food trucks 

A festival wouldn’t be a festival without good food! At different food trucks our visitors can enjoy a variety of different snacks, biological fries and other treats. To create the ultimate festival atmosphere you’ll also be able to choose a variety of international dishes.

The pictures that have been taken at the HeartBeat Festival 2019 are visible on the Facebook page of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Please note that the pictures that will be taken at the HeartBeat Festival 2019 will be used for the official website and Facebook pages of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. If you see your picture online and want it removed, you can indicate this to us by sending an email to heartbeatfestival@eur.nl. More information can be found in the university's privacy statement.