International Women's Day

Education and research are best pursued by a wide diversity of individuals who can feel at home, develop themselves to their personal best and bring their own opinions, knowledge and experience to the task. The EUR firmly supports diversity in its workforce. A diverse workforce will generate relevant new questions and more innovative approaches for research, and provide an innovative boost to education.

And to spotlight this, we are hosting International Women's Day on 8 March, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

International Women’s Day 2019

On International Women’s Day (IWD) Friday 8 March 2019, the committee IWD Erasmus University Rotterdam organised a lunch in the Erasmus Pavilion theatre. Also, there was a quiz about women who stand out. 

Have a look at the pictures

Photos: Arie Kers

Pay it forward

Everyone (faculty, staff, students and alumni) was invited. We asked for a small participant’s fee of € 4.50 for this event, which was donated to the project 'Fiets Mee!' ('Cycle along!'). This project encourages women in the south of Rotterdam to ride bicycles, offering them a way to have independent activities. That’s why it has an empowering function. We raised a total amount of 266,00 Euros. 

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