IWD 2022 at EUR

Internationale Vrouwendag

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women - while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equity.

EUR believes fundamentally in enabling our community to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and above all, celebrate women’s achievements. Each of these steps helps to create a gender-equal community, society and world that all of us can benefit from.

On Tuesday 8th March, EUR will host a range of events to mark this significant occasion. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden the discussion about the key issues that face women and to hear from thought leaders interested in driving change. 

This page will be frequently updated with additional events to this programme.

We hope you’ll #BreakTheBias with us on March 8th. 

IWD 2022 Events

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On Tuesday 8th March, Erasmus MC together with VENA (network of female academics in Erasmus MC), is offering a full range of workshops and speeches focused on the subject: "Gender Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow" 

09.30 Opening of International Women's Day by Joke Boonstra, member of the Board of Directors and Prof. Dr. Arfan Ikram, Head of Department of Epidemiology and chairman of the Taskforce Diversity and Inclusion
14.15 - Closing Vena - launch 15-year anniversary promotion film.

This event is organised by Erasmus MC:Diversity and Inclusion and VENA

Panel discussion led by Dr. Esther Warnert, UD Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

10.00 to 10.30: Challenges- Gender Equality for a sustainable tomorrow

  • Dr. Gennady Roshchupkin, UD Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
  • Daphne van Helden, Researcher Mining the Gender gap
  • Corine van der Sande, Consultant Leadership and Talent Development
  • Dr. Richard van Valen, Nurse specialist Thoracic Surgery

10.30 to 11.00: Possible solutions- Gender Equality for a sustainable tomorrow

  • Prof. Semiha Denktaş, Chief Diversity Officer and Director Erasmus School of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EUR).
  • Prof. Dr. Robin Peeters, Department Head Internal Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Gijs van Soest, Professor of Cardiology
  • Prof. Dr. Joke Hendriks, Head of Surgery, vascular surgeon

This event is organised by Erasmus MC:Diversity and Inclusion and VENA

'Sex and Gender, The Whole Spectrum' by Dr. Maryam Kavousi, Dr. Jeanine Roeters van Lennep and Prof. Dr. Antoinette Maassen van den Brink

'This workshop provides different perspectives and expertise to support the development of gender-equal clinical care and research programs'

This event is organised by Erasmus MC:Diversity and Inclusion and VENA

Workshop: 'What works for women at work' by Prof. Dr. Hanneke Takkenberg with opening remarks by Dr. Hanan El Marroun (President VENA)

The essential perspective on issues that women face at work'

This event is organised by Erasmus MC:Diversity and Inclusion and VENA

Internationale Vrouwendag

EUR is pleased to invite you for the D&I EUR International Women’s Day celebrations (IWD2022).

On Tuesday 8 March, (13.30) we will celebrate women within our community and across the globe through our Keynote Event.  Hosted at the Paviljoen on Campus Woudestein, our vice president dr. Ellen van Schoten will lead the welcome and our discussion on representation, counterchallenging stereotypes and bias, and highlighting the strength that is in us all.

Meanwhile, Chief Diversity Officer, Professor Semiha Denktaş will share a peek review of the photo campaign "Female Leadership Presented - portraits of female professors Erasmus University’.

Finally our IWD 2022 keynote speaker, Professor Halleh Ghorashi, of VU Amsterdam will speak about how we can #breakthebias through her talk entitled: ‘Inclusive representation is about embracing polyvocality’.

After the discussion we will enjoy a toast, to all women and the gender equitable society we all want.

This event is organised by the Diversity & Inclusion Office


13:1513:30Doors Open
13:3013:40Opening: EUR Vice-President, Professor Ellen van Schoten
13:4013:45Welcome + Preview of Photo Series ‘Female Leadership Presented’: Chief Diversity Officer, Professor Semiha Denktaş
13:4514:15Keynote Speech:  “Inclusive representation is about embracing polyvocality” by Professor Halleh Ghorashi, VU Amsterdam
14:1514:30Plenary Discussion: Chief Diversity Officer, Professor Semiha Denktaş
14:3014:35Closing: Chief Diversity Officer, Professor Semiha Denktaş


Directions to the Erasmus Pavilion

Wikipedia. It is perhaps the first reference work that most of us use when we want to know something, yet did you know there is a large Gender Gap on Wikipedia? Female contributors, female centred articles and articles of interest to women are severely underrepresented throughout, to the extent there is a well 

Naturally, you can find more information about this phenomena on the Wikipedia page: Gender bias on Wikipedia

However, on Tuesday 8 March you can join Studium Generale, ECWO, Wikimedia Nederland and Dr. Laura Braden to tackle this through our celebratory IWD, "Edit-a-thon".

Together we will use our collective brainpower and knowledge to rebalance this gendered knowledge gap by adding and translating female centred articles to wikipedia, or by expanding knowledge on underexposed subject areas, such as period poverty or medical conditions of women.

Throughout this session we will work together actively reduce this gender gap and share new, interesting subjects deserving of a larger audience!

Join us for our introduction sessions on Tuesday March 8 (at 14:30 or 16:00, or come in any time!)

You can register here and don't forget to bring your laptop!

This event is organised by by Studium Generale, ECWOWikimedia Nederland and Dr. Laura Braden.

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