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Connecting the city with our university by transferring knowledge on social challenges, that is the 'RotterdamLezing'.

The 'RotterdamLezing' has been a gift from Erasmus University Rotterdam to the city since 2003. The university actively seeks to connect with the city of Rotterdam, with what is alive among its residents and to help solve the social challenges it faces. The lectures always have a keen eye for the most current questions for Rotterdam.
The Erasmus Trust Fund is co-organiser of this evening.

Lecture 23 May 2022

On Monday evening 23 May, Erasmus University Rotterdam organised the 18th 'Rotterdamlezing'. Professor Renske Keizer of Erasmus University Rotterdam will gave a lecture within the theme broad prosperity: family matters! With this theme the university wants to transfer knowledge about the role of family in the continuation of inequality.

Family sociologist Renske Keizer

Professor of Family Sociology Renske Keizer talked about the influence family has on the developmental outcomes of children, zooming in on fathers and mothers. In addition, she explains the role family can play in maintaining, increasing, or decreasing social inequality. Here, Renske discusses the importance of national context and shows how policies and interventions can reduce inequality in the development outcomes of children.

After movie

During the week of 30 May 2022, an after movie with English subtitles will be posted here. Next to that, it is possible to watch the various parts separately (these videos won't be subtitled).


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