Members of the University Council

The University Council consists of 12 student members and 12 staff members. All of them are chosen by the university's community. 

See which students and employees of Erasmus University Rotterdam are representing you this academic year.


  • Hans van den Berg

    Chair of the University Council of the Presidium and HoKa

    As Chair Hans will represent the Council, maintain and build relations with external stakeholders, and lead formal meetings. Hans will focus on increasing participation, visibility of the Council, strengthening the internal process, but above all be the Council’s ambassador


  • Aleid Barmentlo
    Administrative Affairs


    As clerk Aleid supports the Council by organising (official) meetings, organising events, providing (legal) advise, and strengthen the relationship with the policy departments

Student members

  • Emma Albertone

    Member PFO/IEA

    Emma wants to focus on sustainability on campus and within the educational system of Erasmus University

  • Zohra Hayat
    Erasmus MC

    Chair of CRE, member IEA 

    Zohra wants to focus on improving campus life and student well-being

  • Olaf Hornes

    Member CRE/IEA

    Olaf wants to focus on community building, sustainability, and changing our perception of education

  • Darpana (Dolly) Vellanki

    Vice Chair of PFO, Chair of IEA, member HoKa

    Dolly wants to focus on educational development, sustainability, innovation, and connecting with students to represent their ideas & interests

  • Teun van den Akker

    Member CRE/ISO

    Teun wants to focus on improving the awareness of the University Council on campus, work on good communication, and is interested in financial affairs

  • Jordie van der Burgt

    Chair of the Student-body, Member of the Presidium, member PFO/FIN/HoKa

    Jordie wants to focus on strengthening the Council internally and work on its visibility and involvement in the Erasmian community

  • Florian Wijker

    Member PFO/ISO/HoKa

    Florian wants to focus on increasing participation by the University Community, while looking for opportunities to cooperate on a national level with other councils

  • Yveline Shang

    Member PFO/IEA

    Yveline wants focus on diversity & inclusion, sustainable education, and on protecting and improving the mental health of students and staff

  • Rebecca van Wouwe

    Vice Chair of the Student-body, member PFO

    Rebecca wants to focus on student well-being, and a healthy campus overall

  • Jasper Klasen
    Erasmus MC

    Member CRE/ISO/FIN/HoKa

    Jasper wants to focus on professionalising participatory bodies, stimulate cooperation and coordination between faculties, and establishing basic student rights

  • Younes Assou

    Member CRE/FIN

    Younes wants to focus on community building for students, creating a shared pride of the Erasmus University, not just of their faculty

  • Ellora Sen

    Member CRE/IEA

    Ellora wants to focus on connecting students between faculties, especially those outside Campus Woudestein, and increase awareness at the University of the Council

Personnel section

  • Ferry Blom

    Member CRE

    Ferry wants to focus on embedding sustainability in the universities educational programs, and on impact & relevance of Erasmus University in society

  • Ben Bode

    Chair of Fin, member PFO

    Ben wants to focus on strengthening the role of the University Council, ensure its voice is heard, and develop relationships with stakeholders

  • Natascha Kraal
    Erasmus MC

    Member PFO/FIN

    Natascha wants to foster transparent communication, connection, and social safety. Furthermore, she wants to focus on the implementation of Strategy 2024

  • Daniël van Vliet

    Chair of PFO, member HoKa

    Daniël wants to focus on connecting the faculties with each other and the University as a whole, while at the same time strengthening the workings of the University Council

  • John Piarelal

    Member PFO/IEA

    John wants to strengthen the relationship between students and employees within the Council, and work on building one community

  • John van Wel
    Professional Services
    Chair of the Employee-body, member of the Presidium/PFO/FIN

    John wants to focus on 'sustainable workforce' in the broadest sense, while strengthening and promoting the University as a whole

  • Yogi Hendlin

    Vice chair of CRE

    Yogi wants to focus on building a more sustainable campus and educational system, while working on interfaculty and interdisciplinary cooperation

  • Frieda Franke

    Vice Chair of the Employee-body, member CRE/HoKa

    Frieda wants to contribute to a U-council that makes use of the competencies of its members in forming a strong unity

  • Bianca Jadoenath
    Member CRE

    Bianca is open to all issues that reach the Council, aiming to ensure different points of view are explored, connecting faculties and students

  • Ana Uribe Sandoval

    Member CRE

    Ana wants to focus on effective communication, flawless procedures, increasing participation and strengthening the University community

  • Empty employee seat ESE

     Empty employee seat Professional Services

The Student Body University Council 2018-2019

The Student Body University Council 2018-2019

The Student Body University Council 2018-2019

Geplaatst door Erasmus University Council op Woensdag 28 november 2018